The Saga of Gerwin - Episode 2 (Treachery in the Trees)

Ara listens keenly as Gerwin speaks, the girl's voice rising and falling as she speaks of some fantastic dream. She had ran through a dark tunnel and found two Giants fighting...but one of them bore strange insignia, and though they meant nothing to Gerwin, Ara recognized the markings all too well!

"Gerwin, are you sure about the description you just gave me?" she asks, moving aside her bowl of porridge to move closer.
"Because that symbol, a dark fist streaming green light...that's the symbol of Bane!" she exclaims.

"What you saw might not have been a dream...but rather a vision!"
"But, why would you have a vision of Bane..."
Ara muses, sitting back in thought. "Why are you drawing his attention, or he yours?"

Looking around, Ara does have a kettle and two small bowls, but there is no fire to speak of, though the metal still steams from latent heat, as does the porridge. Two small wooden spoons lay beside them, as yet unused...

Then, an idea hits her, and Ara's eyes widen with concern.
"Hold said there were two of them, right? Well, if one of them was Bane...who was the other?"

Gerwin shrugs. She did not know of gods. She had been raised a farm girl in a village. Then she had followed Joachim. The little she knew was that Pelor was the sun god, adored by most. Bane did ring a bell or so, but she could not really work with it.

"It might have been the amulet. Don't you think? I mean you should know more about these things, specially because of the order." Gerwin replies.
"The other fellow, surely was his worst enemy. Does it really matter? I only want to get the heck out of this forsaken forest."

Gerwin quickly gulps down the food burning herself slightly, but she had to take the chance to eat something when she could. Once this was done she got up. She felt a bit cold, specially only wearing her nightshirt. "Let's move, we have wasted enough time waiting here already." Gerwin says decisively, waiting for the other to get up and to start marching.

"You're absolutely right," Ara replies, standing and gathering her few belongings. "Our first priority should be to find the others, and get out of the Forest..."

With the makeshift camp packed up, Ara begins to make her way further down their path, Gerwin trailing closely behind. Though there is no distinct path or walkway, Ara seems confident enough, striding determinedly forward regardless of the terrain...

Each tree is as dark as the one beside it, even in the daytime, as bare traces of light penetrate the thick canopy above. The sense of dread is overbearing, but with Ara beside you, the journey seems not quite so impossible anymore. But even with her help, you can only travel at a rather tepid pace, limited by the awkwardness of trekking through a forest and the diabolical nature of this particular one.

On and on the duo travels, and after what seems like hours, finally something besides trees and dark shadows. Ahead lies a small shack, nestled inbetween several large trees and patches of shrubbery. It looks entirely abandoned, its condition suggesting it hadn't seen use in years, doors and windows hanging open to the world.
Above, there is a tiny patch of open sky, just enough to allow rain and foul weather to beat upon the shack, weathering its thin roof and pounding the barren walls. And glancing through it, the sky seems to be darkening, the light of the sun waning over the far horizon...

Gerwin didn't want to talk any more, enough had been said, and more would only give away their position. In any case it was likely that the to be druid would only fall into some sort of neurotic breakdown if she attempted to make conversation while in such a black and dark place. Overall the woman had gotten so isolated in her own head that she did not even shiver any more with the noises and movements of the forest. She had withdrawn into herself and would not desire conversation unless necessary. The woman in a night shirt bruised and burned by her neverending adventures in this vile forest makes her way, she had given up leading a while back and now simply followed this Ara, might her faith hold for her what it might hold. Might she be lead to doom and decay or back to reality which even though cruel seemed more bearable then this wicked place.

Gerwin only stops when Ara does as she had ignored the house until the other woman had ceased movement. Now the less experienced one looks at her guide. They had rested so this shelter was not worth a pause, exploration seemed slightly opposed their current objectives of fleeing this place. So Gerwin simply awaits what Ara has to offer given the current discovery.

Ara stops to look around as the shack comes into view, peering into the Forest for any lurking dangers. Satisfied, she turns her attention to the cabin, taking a few steps in its direction to get a better look.

" looks pretty beat-up," Ara says, "and I don't see or hear anyone in there, at least not from where I'm at."
"Still, I should take a look in case its anything we need to worry about."

"Stay here, and I'll quickly go investigate. If it's a trap or ambush, you'll be safer in the open, than cooped up in that shack.
I'll put up a couple of magical barriers to keep you safe, just in case..."
she adds, digging in her pockets for a few odds and ends.

Then, she stops, and looks at Gerwin with a worried look on her face.
"You'll be alright here for a minute, won't you?" she asks. "I mean, you won't run off the second I turn away? It will only end in a grisly death to some horrid monster out in that Forest, I fear..."

"These wards will protect you not only from evil creatures, but also from any magical attacks that might come...but only if you stay within their radius!"
Ara states, emphasizing the last bit.

"Give me a weapon..." Gerwin says bluntly. "... I'll wait. Just ..." Gerwin seems worried for a second. "Just don't you die in there, will you? And hurry up."

With that Gerwin keeps her
spot &:
Dice Roll:
1d20+7 1d20+7
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 26)
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 22)
eyes and ears wide open.

Ara nods, and quickly conjures up a few minor protective spells, encasing Gerwin in a small globe of white energy which quickly dissipates, leaving a good, safe, comfortable feeling behind. Satisfied with her work, Ara nods briefly, then turns and heads towards the shack.

A scant few moments later, having disappeared into the cover of shrubbery and cabin-framing, a shout of surprise comes from Ara, followed by a hearty second shout, this one clearly masculine, and certainly just as surprised as Ara's.

Then, all is silent....

Gerwin charges of toward the shack, those shouts, they were not dangerous, rather of surprise and happiness. And that male sound. Well Gerwin could have discerned that shout in a million. It was her Husband.

It didn't cross Gerwins mind that the hag was still out there. It didn't cross her thoughts that she maybe took his form, she simply was glad to know her paladin was here to save her ...

She charged at the Shack happy to greet him happy that she had been saved ...


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