4E Feats Conversion and Creation

WHOOPS! I just re-read my last post ...
Disallowing its use with Power Attack isn't that big a deal, I think. That's +2 damage at no penalty for the cost of 2 feats. It's not hard to do the same thing with other two-feat combinations.
That bit should have read "Allowing its use..."

Lemme go fix that!

Okay, so I changed reckless trike to impetuous strike because, like a dummy, I didn't notice that there is already a fighter power of that name. At least I caught my mistake.

Is there any balance problem with a new feat called Blazing Radiance that gives +1 to radiance damage powers? It's similar to lots of other feats.

+1 feat bonus would be fine, with no prereqs, though a little weak. I'd suggest an "implement focus", but I'm reasonably sure that PHB2 is going to come out with that one in a month.

Actually on second thought, I think this feat just replicates Astral Fire. I might have to scrap it.

How's this for a new feat:

Opportunistic Shifter
Heroic Tier Feat
You take advantage of your enemy's vulnerability to reposition yourself.

Benefit: When you hit with an opportunity attack, you can shift an additional square if you shift during your next turn.

I think the wording is a bit off, hows this?

Benefit: When you hit with an opportunity attack, your first shift before the end of your next turn may be increased by one square.

Still doesn't seem quite right, but I think that's closer to the standard wording.

The feat itself seems fine.

What if an ally's power grants you a shift?

How's this instead:

When you hit an enemy with an Opportunity Attack, the distance you can shift with a Move Action increases by 1 square until the end of your next turn.


How about simply granting a 1 square shift at the time of the attack? It's not quite the same thing, however, and has different tactical implications.

Yeah, good comments both. Dr., I think that your second option, which I considered, might be too powerful for a feat. It has the potential to allow shifting all over the battlefield between turns.

My intent was to have the feat only increase the shift by 1 square, no matter how many OAs the person gets between turns. I wonder how this could be worded.


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