Paragon Paths/Prestige Class Conversions

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You dropped the Attack line from Piercing Shot.
Shadow Walk should probably have a different name, since it's currently used by the Warlock.
Polearm Reach should probably just be called Polearm Gamble, and it should say "as a bonus feat". The rest isn't really important.
Got it.

Oh, and you might want to consider using the normal 4e coloring scheme for powers...
Do you mean the exact same colors or what? I chose colors that were reminiscent of the PHB but matched the colors of the new site.

Or did you mean something more specific?

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Well, encounter powers are red, at-will powers are green, and dailies are grey/black.
Second vote for this. My first thought was, "Each Paragon Path has two Dailies and an Encounter Utility? That's odd..."

I think the colors you picked are close enough to get the point across and still mesh with the site, but definitely use the red shade for Encounter powers and the gray shade for Dailies.

Okay, point taken, since it came from two people. I will adjust the colors.


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