Converting Farland Magic Items

Yeah, it's going to require a slight rewrite.

As an immediate action, it becomes much more powerful, and should be a daily. Look at Dwarven Greaves, for example.

Duly noted and changed. Thanks.

Checked out dwarven greaves. Well crap, this item already exists. I will need to modify it somehow. Ideas?

How about something related but different:

Shield of Redounding Level 8+

This mirrored shield reflects your foe's force back against him.

Lvl 8 3400

Item Slot: Arms
Power (Daily): Immediate reaction. You can use this power after you are hit by a power that has a push effect. The foe that pushed you is pushed the same number of squares.

Okay, if I make it a daily is it balanced as otherwise written, IYO? Also, do you know of anything else like it?

I don't know of anything identical, no. And as long as you fix that spelling error, I think it's fine. Item powers are more an art than a science, really.

And maybe restrict it to heavy shields only?


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