Converting Farland Magic Items

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I don't know of anything identical, no. And as long as you fix that spelling error, I think it's fine. Item powers are more an art than a science, really.

And maybe restrict it to heavy shields only?
Spelling error? Redound is a word that means "reflect."

I'd change the name to Rebounding from Redounding.

EDIT: Oops -- missed the above post.

I think rebounding makes more sense. No reason to be more complicated than they need to be. Small words = win.

Redounding is exactly as short as rebounding. Anyway, "redounding" has an archaic feel to it, which I think increases the flavor of a fantasy game like D&D. It's equivalent to calling a shield a crest or an escutcheon.

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Huh. I have honestly never seen that word before and assumed it to be a misspelling of rebounding.
This. I think that for a majority of players they won't recognize it and just assume it's a misspelling.


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