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I'm not posting this to bash the religion I'm just curious about it (no I do not want to convert). I have heard some pretty wierd stuff specifically about Operating Thetan Three which is described in the spoiler below. I have read many sources about this level of scientology and they all read the same thing, I only chose this one because it seemed the most conscise.

Along with this some of Scientologies policies toward non-scientologist, specifically calling them WOGs (in some parts of the world this is a racial slur), and pursuing any and all critics with almost fanatiscm. Also the strigent rules on sexual behavior that is deemed "unhealthy", specifically masterbation, oral sex, gay sex, and interacial sex, among other things. I was just wondering if there were any scientologists on the site or ex-scientologists that could help me understand this a bit more.

Hmm, Scientology.

One of the Porsche family members is a scientologist. I thought that they apparently believe in fusion of nature and technology, with the first one having the advantage.

Apprently I got my facts very, very wrong.

Yes well we all are wrong at somepoint...

The thing that gets me the most is that Issac Hayes quit being chef due to his beliefs in scientology. His official statement was that South Park was bad mouthing religions as a whole but didn't seem to care as the made fun of mormons, jews, muslims, buddhists, jw's you name it till they came to make fun of scientology.

there is a little bit more to that story than first appears.

Apparently Issac Hayes recently suffered a pretty major stroke and has not been able to be gotten in touch with, to confirm or deny anything. Other than him not being on the show anymore.

Still sucks. Hilarious thing about the South park episode featuring scientology was that it was all true regarding their beliefs...

All kidding aside, are there any scientologist who can inform me more about this stuff please. It's really hard not to bash the religion when

A)It sounds like a bad science fiction novel


B)It was created by a bad science fiction novel writer...


C)Legend has it he started the Religion after a bet with Assimov...or Heinlen...I forget which.

Probably Heinlen; that doesn't sound like Asimov's style. I think that this scientology thing sounds kind of creepy . . . the last part of the article made it seem like the goal of their organization is to wipe out all non-scientologists.

My dad used to be a member when he was younger (decades ago type of thing, before he met my mum). He left because it was too "cultish". Scary, scary stuff... Hmm... Can we get hvg in here? I'd just like to see him try and discredit Scientology in a way that could not also be applied to... other.. religions.

It's really hard not to bash the religion when

A)It sounds like a bad science fiction novel


B)It was created by a bad science fiction novel writer...
Hey, some of Hubbard's stuff was alright - Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth are ok. The book, that is. Not even the combined might of God, Jesus, Allah and the entire leprechaun population of Ireland could counter the filth that was the movie. Not even Chuck Norris...

yeah, I am here. I really don't see any requirement to 'bash' anything, so I wont be doing as much. Oh, and (a) it was created by a science fiction author, (b) operates in cultish manners (separating from family, dependance on members, give money to organisation, etc), (c) requires substantial monetary payments before being taught what they actually believe, and (d) has no actual evidence to back anything up.

Oh yeah, and (e) believes we are inhabited by alien spirits, many thousands of years old


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