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United States Presidential 2008

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Who would you cast your vote for?
Rudolph Giuliani 8 28.57%
Hillary Clinton 2 7.14%
Condoleezza Rice 1 3.57%
Al Gore 7 25.00%
John McCain 7 25.00%
John Edwards 0 0%
Newt Gingrich 0 0%
John Kerry 0 0%
Bill Frist 1 3.57%
Joseph Biden 2 7.14%

United States Presidential 2008

Sorry, no Cthulhu.

I voted for Bush both times, but I would not vote again if I could. I merely voted for the lesser of two bumbling idiots. I still think he did a better job than Kerry would have.

I think that John is the only one with enough balls to do something about the quagmire we are stuck in in Iraq. Either pull the troops and let the country try to run itself or dump another 85,000 and disarm the entire country and bomb any area that has an issue with that. We clearly must stop wasting our young Men and Women's lives doing nothing.

I would actually vote for throwing enought troops into the country to disarm it entirely, then moving on to Iran or Pakistan. If we really mean to cleanse the world of terrorists, then let's do what America does best... Smash the enemy with an overwhelming show of military force.

etothemft, you're killing me.

It's gotta be Guiliani. I mean, look what he did with New York...

NY: Now With 60% Less Mole People!

I think it might be a Republican election. With Giuliani, Rice, and McCain, we have the three Republicans that Democrats like. except...

Rice won't get it because the left side of the media has recognized her condidacy for some time and saw the threat that a "Black Female" could cause to the Democrats, so they began making her the target of "house" jokes, and ruining her credibility.

Rudy is a moderate with what is probably the highest approval rate of anyone in the nation, after the events of 9/11. But he won't get the support of the Republicans, because they have a history of not backing the good guys( Once Bush Sr. showed his true/good side, they didn't support him in 1992)

McCain... well... If it is possible for a Republican to be the puppet of the Democrats, its McCain(not to say it is possible).

Hillary Clinton doesn't have a shot because the left-media has made such a fuss about the aristocracy that has formed with having 2 Bush's and the possibility of a third(because certain aspects of the left-media are idiots.) And having another Clinton would mean we'd have 20 years of presidents from only 2 families. Bad ju-ju... Plus, she's Martha Stewart's evil twin.

Al Gore doesn't have it for the Democrat spot because, well, he whines a whole lot and thinks he invented the internet. No one wants that in the white house unless someone is bangin' an intern.

John Edwards might, because every wants a president that can talk to the dead :-)

John Kerry won't do it because, well, even the Democrats don't believe him.

Newt Gingrich won't make it because... She turned him into a NEWT! But he got better!

Frist and Biden. This is what most ballots will have written on them: "Who?"

So, with all this in mind, there is only one clear answer.

Darth Nader in 2008

I don't see my candidate up there. I'd vote for Mitt Romney if he runs. If he doesn't run I'd vote for Mayor Giuliani. I guess since he is my second choice and he is on the poll I'll cast my lots in his direction.


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