England Expects Every Man (and Boy!) Will Do His Duty

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England Expects Every Man (and Boy!) Will Do His Duty

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7th Sea
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I have recently inherited a game that takes place during the era of the Napoleonic Wars. It will be based extremely loosely on the "Bloody Jack", "Horatio Hornblower" and "Jack Aubrey" stories and will focus on the adventures of the members of a ship's crew who are often overlooked: the children, the lads who signed on to England's ships of the line and fought alongside men and officers ... and whose names rarely appear in the pages of history in any other way than as single entries on lists of crewmen. Yet they were important. And in this game, they will be the stars of the story.

The characters are all young men and boys who will be joining the crew of HMS Rose, a fictional sixth rate frigate in His Majesty's Royal Navy. The system I'm using is a house-rule-ified version of
It says GURPS at the moment, but that's because the old GM started it that way, and I converted it to the only system I know well enough to run.
7th Sea, but instead of Theah, the setting is our world during the Napoleonic Era.

And we've only just gotten started. I'm looking for 1 to 3 more boys to round out the crew and add some steam to the current posting rate (which has slowed ridiculously since the site shutdown and upgrade).

The game is here: http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12703. Feel free to have a look around.

If you are interested, post here with a brief description of your young man (in private text if necessary). Please only post interest if you are a reliable, at least 4X weekly poster, have a firm grasp of writing conventions, and are enough of a man-jack to do your duty for King and Country!

Game Description:

The year is 1803 and Britain and France are at an uneasy peace. Word has passed throughout London, though, that war is again looming on the horizon. The shipyards at Woolwich and Deptford swarm with workers, and ships are being repaired, refitted, and turned out like there is no tomorrow.

HMS Rose has recently put out to sea, and aboard her, in addition to a full complement of men and marines are a handful of ship's boys who are quickly learning what it is like to be a member of His Majesty's Navy. The Rose is not without her thorns, though, it seems -- and a ship's boy's life is far from an easy one ....

Status Update: Back to school, and horses move home this weekend. Things should begin to resemble my normal ridiculous schedule shortly.

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Hi, I'm new to this site... joined for other rpg reasons really... and I'm probably putting too much on myself rpg wise at the moment as well, but I can't pass this one up... is it still open?

I have definitely found the one player I was looking for,and I was going to close this thread tonight, but there are a couple niches that could be filled by the right character. If you can be a regular poster (4-5 times per week minimum) and have a good background story idea, I'm willing to consider adding another boy. What did you have in mind? Can you send me a brief summary of the character?


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