The Arena of Ascension seeks challengers!

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The Arena of Ascension seeks challengers!

Arena of Ascension - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

The SetupAt the end of a large and opulent throne room lounges a handsome man, legs casually cast over one side of his throne, and a bored expression on his face. A small pseudodragon with shining silver scales flits about, holding a scroll in its claws as it reads from a list.

"So who is on the docket today, Xanthos?" asks the man, stifling a yawn.

The tiny dragon zips around and lands on the man's knee, still scanning the scroll. "Looks like we've got Pun-Pun vs. the Omnifiscer as the main event, then..."

Interrupting with a snort, the man scoffs, "Those two again?! When will they learn that people just don't care about them anymore... That's fine. Put them after that wizard that spends all his time shapechanged as a dire tortoise. Who's he fighting today? Another paragon tarrasque perhaps..." he adds with a tiny chuckle.

"Umm... No one actually, sir. He left. Said there was no more point in his being here."

"What?!" shouts the man suddenly, his face turning beet red. As he jumps to his feet, the pseudodragon has to flap its wings quickly to avoid hitting the ground. Barely sputtering out the words he asks incredulously, "No... point? But... bloody hells..." He lets out a long sigh and slumps down into his throne, furrowing his brow.

Unbidden a small construct appears carrying a large serving tray holding a variety of snack foods and a few bottles of various spirits. He chirps and clucks to himself as he begins to serve the man on the throne, oblivious to the fact that the man has no interest in his wares whatsoever. But a well aimed kick sends the construct scurrying away, but he manages to keep the tray perfectly level and doesn't spill a single thing.

Suddenly sitting up, the man stares down the length of his throne room, surveying the various trophies, weapons, suits of armor and various other trinkets that adorn his walls. He glances through some of the windows to the random arenas below as he catches glimpses of monsters and gladiators doing battle. "Xanthos, takes this down. I want this message sent to every plane and posted in the temple of every god of war, battle, conflict or competition." Clearing his throat the man then proceeds to dictate an invitation to any and all warriors, wizards, warlocks and the like. He ends the invitation with a final statement that makes the unsuspecting Xanthos nearly fall to the ground, "...and to the ultimate victor of this, the final round of the Endless Arena shall go the dominion of this realm, along with the accompanying divine rank, as you ascend to deific status."

Letting out a deep exhale, the man sits back comfortably, a contented look on his face. He watches Xanthos bumbling about a bit, trying to keep hold on the scroll and stay aloft at the same time. "My lord, are you absolutely..."

"Am I certain? Yes, most definitely. I think ten thousand years is long enough... Let the next Arena God come and claim his domain."

What is this?Fairly straightforward: This is a gestalt arena game for D&D 3.5. Come build your best gladiator (or two) and fight, fight, fight. No roleplaying required, though should you feel the desire to spice up your posts with something other than 'Kandor power attacks for 10,' that is of course welcome.

This is supposed to be fun, and hopefully a bit exciting, and a good way to blow off some steam. There is the potential for rapid advancement, and new fights will be set up daily, so there will hopefully never be any real lull in the action.

How does it work? The game forum is here. There is a rather extensive set of rules that can be found here. Ask all the questions you want either in this thread or the Green Room OOC thread. When you're done with your sheet, post in the Gladiator Thread. I will set you up with a private thread if you so desire, though you do not need one if you don't want one.

Stuff to ConsiderThis game might not be for you if:

1) You've never played an arena game before.
2) You've never visited the WotC Character Optimization board, Brilliantgameologist Min/Max It board, or similar forums.
3) You've never made a character with LA and/or racial HD before.
4) You've never made a gestalt character before.
5) You think Fighter 20 is a solid build.
6) You think Monks with Vow of Poverty are overpowered.
7) You think Fireball is one of the best spells ever written.
8) You think Improved Initiative is a wasted feat.
9) You think Cleave & Great Cleave are awesome feats.
10) You whine when rules decisions don't go your way.

Don't take this list as a means of excluding anyone, as I probably won't be turning anyone away. Just some useful advice to think on.

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I didn't see it mentioned, my apologies if it was and I missed it. Are there going to be divisions, or will casters be pitted up against non-casters?

For the time being there are no divisions. It is an idea I am considering though. If we have a large enough group, and a high demand for it, divisions will potentially be instituted later on.

Ith, just saw this post and I'm about to head off to work. I'd love a chance to flex the old optimization muscle and roll out some of my builds I never got to play. Will read through stuff and get back to you in the next day or so.

Sounds good! Plenty of room for anyone to come and show off their optimization-fu.

I'd actually like to use this chance to test a build I've been kicking around in my head for a few days now. The only caveat is that it requires Oriental Adventures, specifically the Iaijutsu Focus skill, which isn't on the list of sources. I read the rules, and would like to request the book be included as one of my sources. I'm a little unclear on how that works, however. Is it just that having access to the book consumes one of my resource selections, as normal for selecting source material, or does requesting the book consume one of my sources, and then the book itself, if approved consumes one?

  • are feats like swift hunter and daring outlaw allowed?
  • how big (both width and height if there is a ceiling) is the arena in which we fight?
  • are flying, burrowing, and other modes of moving allowed or are they considered fleeing?
  • i know commiting suicide and surrendering make you forfeit pay, what if you are able to force you foe to do it, would you lose your pay for lack of show?
  • how many builds are we allowed to submit? and to that extent, how broken are we allowed to be within your rules?

hmmm looking interesting, will read over rules


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