Werewolf: New Shadows

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Werewolf: New Shadows

Werewolf: New Shadows - Forum
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Alright so here it is. My first game here.

Game: nWoD Werewolf: the Forsaken

Number of Players: 3-4

What I am looking for: A basic werewolf sheet and a backstory. (The backstory needs to have a reason to be coming to the territory)

There has been too much activity of late. With the chaos that spewed forth from the packs being too numerous to each live in some kind of peace with each other. A drastic move had to be taken.

Only the most powerful of the packs were allowed to stay and carve up the city as they saw fit.

One of these packs have decided to give a small bit of land to a new pack for safe keeping.

You are that pack.

Game Description:

A werewolf game evolving into a major crossover game.

Darker in Shadows ~Episode on Vimeo
I'm thinking Cahalith Iron Master..... I want to be a wolf!

Rites are Gift Choices. You can take your one free gift at character creation to get a dot of rituals.

And Since there's already a deadly Irraka, I'll be playing a peaceful(ish) Ithaeur.

Cool beans then.

I will probably be picking the players at the end of next week and will post a list of good to go sheets and backgrounds.

I am really looking forward to this game.

Name: Rebecca Stanton (Irraka Iron Master)

Becky is a trustfund baby, and grew up to all things luxury. Her mother had gotten pregnant in an all girl school, which raised certain questions. In any case Becky's mother married when her daughter was away at her boarding school, Becky simply came home to find someone else living in the house with her mom. Becky's new Step-father Roger was an all around rogue and confidence man who had hit it big marrying her mom. Because of the closeness in age of the family things got strained fairly quickly, and by the time Becky was graduating high school her mom was more than ready for her to go off to college, a long way off. On her last night of winter break before going back to college Becky, her mom, and Roger got in a fight and things got very rough. Becky's mom ended up dead, Becky had her first change, and Roger was put in jail for murder.

It was during her stepfather's trial that her actual father showed up and told her about Luna, Father Wolf, and the Forsaken. He contacted another Uratha that he had done a favor for out in California and sent her off to him. He told her that he expected that she'd endure and thrive all on her own. For the next few years Rebecca will have to survive on only a monthly stipend from her trust until she reaches twenty five and has full access to all of her family's money.


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