Werewolf: New Shadows

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Werewolf: New Shadows

Werewolf: New Shadows - Forum
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Alright so here it is. My first game here.

Game: nWoD Werewolf: the Forsaken

Number of Players: 3-4

What I am looking for: A basic werewolf sheet and a backstory. (The backstory needs to have a reason to be coming to the territory)

There has been too much activity of late. With the chaos that spewed forth from the packs being too numerous to each live in some kind of peace with each other. A drastic move had to be taken.

Only the most powerful of the packs were allowed to stay and carve up the city as they saw fit.

One of these packs have decided to give a small bit of land to a new pack for safe keeping.

You are that pack.

Game Description:

A werewolf game evolving into a major crossover game.

Darker in Shadows ~Episode on Vimeo
Originally Posted by Grimgordragon View Post
Nice stuff everyone ^_^
If I get three players I like before next week we might start a little early
You realize this implies you do not like our characters.

Uh? He complimented the characters. That generally means he likes them.

Kinda hard to get meanings from just text.

Which is why I put a smiley face.

For future reference

^_^ = Happy/Positive/ Good

>_< = Dislike/ Bad/ anti-positive


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