Senseless Brutality: Dnd 3.5

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Senseless Brutality: Dnd 3.5

Senseless Brutality - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Estimated members requested: 4-6.


I'm lazy, so here are the links to the interest thread and game thread, which will tell most of what you need to know.

Application Information:

Starting level: 3

Any alignment is accepted(personally, I believe most holy wars to be evil, but people are people; make your character a real person, as nice or vile as you want. There is no reason that your character should care for the reasons and motives of the war, or either of the religions involved). Races from the PHB and most races from the Monster Manual are fine(I am using LA buy-off, No LAs that are greater than +2), I reserve the right to disallow any. Acceptable character classes are anything that is focused on physical combat(no major casters, clerics are O.K.'ed on a case by case basis) (rogues and bards allowed, but probably at a disadvantage); any WotC source should be fine, just let me know which. Tome of Battle will be accepted.

Please include an RP sample with your post that includes a description of combat. I'm interested to see how different people describe it.
Edit: Inclusion of a dialogue RP sample is not required, but if you make one it will earn you an action point should I accept you into the game.

Starting equipment for characters is changed and also depends on their background. Info may be found in the game forum under "House Rules"

Stats are 6m4d6v1.

Gak, I'm tired. More application information tomorrow.

Game Description:

And now I curse my apparent inability to have an original thought. At the least, I curse my apparent inability to craft a topic sentence that does not follow a cliched format.

So, I do this, and hope to make it better later.

Year 296 of the Divine Revelation;

A holy war has been sanctioned by Pope Judentius II. 35,000 (pious?) foot- and cavalry-men have marched across the continent of Eura to assault and reclaim the Holiest of lands in a campaign of Justified violence against the Theid. The army gathered and resupplied at the city of Cinerto, swore fealty(temporarily, at least) to the Pope's God, and crossed there the river that forms the border of Holiest Hirol'sem.

The army has split into three sections. Your section's first objective is to take the fortified city of Ylaerus, which is five days' march from Cinerto. One day away from Ylaerus, the section was challenged by a Theidian host; battle commenced three hours past noon. You are in the thick of it, an insignificant infantryman hacking and gouging for your life against a determined force.

This will be a gritty, gory, and dangerous game of mostly roll-play for third level melee-oriented characters. Your character will be an experienced soldier or mercenary involved in the attacking side of a "holy" war, but nothing special; you are not any more skilled than the men which surround you. A story will develop as the game progresses, but will focus more on the particular than the obtuse; that is, the game revolves around the characters' experiences as rank-and-file soldiers, not around their rise through ranks to the point where they have a wider understanding of the war and begin to have some degree of control over it. You start out being treated, essentially, as cannon fodder, and will pretty much stay that way. This isn't to say that you can't be an incredibly strong fighter who dual-wields fullblades to shear his enemies apart, though.

A note that I should make is that this war is not being waged against evil people or creatures or an evil god. It is a war born of intolerance, greed, and egomania. I do NOT condone or agree with any of these things. This world is to be as gruesome and horribly real as I can make it, however.

I'm caught up(and have been caught up) in the thick of summer renovations with my family, so posting will continue to be sporadic; 3 posts/week looks, unfortunately, to be what the immediate future brings. Sorry.

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Bards and Rogues in, but disadvantaged
You mean Bards, Rangers and Paladins, right?

No, I mean Bards and Rogues. Rangers and Paladins were to be included under the phrase "melee-oriented", but I was tired. I generally dislike paladins, but one would fit in a holy war.

Eck, time to sort out the mess that is my ad.

I'd be interested in jumping on this. When would you anticipate playing? I'm free any weeknight, but weekends are largely out of the question, unfortunately.

Bashing in the slums?

Sounds cool.

I'm thinking either small but deadly, or big but deadly :P
None of this medium size crap!!

Howdy. I'm very interested in playing a Human Fighter (a mercenary would be fun-o-riffic). Either Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil. I haven't decided which. In any case, he'd be loud, overconfident and hella-tough.


Bors wastes little time in pulling his spiked bludgeon from the battered skull of the infantryman before him, swiftly dislodging it before the body hits the ground. His eyes dart to his next victim, yet another nameless soldier in the masses who had the misfortune of standing within reach. Swinging his morningstar again with a yell, Bors could already see more red; although that could easily be the previous spatter getting into his eyes.

This will be played here, in the boards, right? It's just that I'm not too keen on online sessions with RPG software. I would be interested in playing a Half-Ogre Crusader or fighter or somesuch with a large maul. Nothing like bashing your enemies with 40 lbs of hammer to keep them from standing up!

I like making pretty combat descriptions, but I tend to do that as a DM rather than as a player, since I don't know the results of my actions... unles you're willing to give us that information, I mean. (E.g. what's the opponent AC to know whether we hit or not, and a guesstimation of their HPs to know whether it was a major blow or just a scratch).

Some examples (as a DM):

Originally Posted by Me, DMing a game
The first arrow leaves the bow, but it looses part of the fletching along the way, and describes a strange curve in mid-flight, flying far away from the creatures. The things haven't barely noticed the arrow before the second one hits one of the creatures in the chest. It screeches in pain, and the other two creatures look around to find where the arrow came from. Their faceted eyes focus on you, and they charge in a mad flurry of bodies and blades towards Derrick and you. The third creature tries to dislodge the arrow with little success, since its scythed arms are not meant to grab things, and growling and screeching again, it follows the other two creatures.
Originally Posted by Me, this round the melee starts
Your quick swordplay seems to surprise the creatures as they jump at you. You manage to strike the uninjured on in mid-air, blocking its scythes and opening a deep wound on both arms.

The other, however gets at you, clawing one of your legs. You swing back your sword, making a deep cut in the creature's chest, which backs off slightly, still threatening you with the crystalline blades of its arms.

The third creature moves forward, getting into position to hurl itself at you, waiting for an opening.
I'd post many more examples (and slightly more dinamic, since there was a group game, rather than a solo one) if I could access the GitP forums (under the screen name Kalender there) but they're banned from my workplace, so I can't get to retreive them, and the search feature doesn't work yet on these forums

BTW, those are "soft" combat rounds. I can get pretty graphic descriptions, if you want, but I'm unsure of how far can we take it within the TOS of the forums...

An example of a round for the new character... let's call him Othar, like Atilla's horse

The pikemen saw an armored hulk charging towards them wielding an impossibly large sledgehammer. They set their weapons against the charge, but the height of the beast and the length of his maul rendered their long weapons next to useless. With thundering steps, Othar crashed against the weapons, his maul breaking in half neatly the haft of one of them, and with unstoppable momentum he crushed the hammer's head into the soldier's chest. The hapless victim flew over a yard before landing in the mud, barely breathing, the ribcage utterly broken.

End of round one, charge, sunder, sundering cleave and attacks of opportunity. Ok, he can't get the combat brute feat until lvl 6, but call it artistic license or something
The half-ogre screamed with rage. Although his chainmail had deflected most of the pikes, one had opened one of the rings and bitten into the flesh. He turned enraged to face the soldier that had injured him, stepping back before he could sink the point of his pike any deeper.
You'll regret that Othar roared, although the soldier didn't pay attention to his barely recognizable words. Othar sidestepped the soldier's poor attempt to skewer him, and violently kicked the pikeman. The kick did little damage of itself, but it did throw the soldier off-balance. Then, regaining his footing, the half-ogre lifted his maul over his head and pulled it down with all his strength on the soldier's head. A loud cracking sound and a fraction of a second later, the square slab of steel occupied place where the soldier's head had been instants earlier, and the now headless body of the pikeman fell on its knees.

round two, the pikeman attacks and fails, then Othar power-attacks his head unto oblivion!
Othar leant on his hammer, and looked at the patch of thick red blood that was extending over his white tabard.
Gah, I better get someone to patch me up... he groaned, heading back to the camp

Here's a combat sample of mine. It's a necropolitan Duskblade with an invincibility complex:

No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

This sounds like a blast ... I'd like to put together a warblade ... probably human or halfling probably focusing on White Raven.

Edit: I seem to have missed starting level.


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