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Werewolf: New Shadows

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So it seems that the ad has somehow disappeared.

Please all those interested post sheets and anything else here.

We know who you are so you can't run.

Game Description:

A werewolf game evolving into a major crossover game.

Darker in Shadows ~Episode on Vimeo
Bwa? Did I miss something, or are all the posts gone?

Hi I am here.

Vishani "Calls to Glory" Lewis

Vishani was born and raised on the coast of California, she is the middle child of three; an older brother Dan, and a younger sister Rayana. She is mixed ancestry, Indian and Black, but she never really felt her ethnic background ever held her back or got in her way. She is young and focused, and at one time was a budding college student focusing on a Music degree until she had her first change at 19.

It was a messy affair that left a boyfriend in the hospital near death and a trail of property damage that thankfully could not be penned back to her. She returned home but nothing felt right. Things were just out of place, her parents didn’t understand her, and in some ways she felt they feared her. They felt the wolf inside her, even if they didn’t know it. A cousin, Shanti, a Storm Lord Ithaeur saw what the young woman was going through and inducted Vishani or Vish as she often known into the tribe. Her howl was loud and proud when she completed her right of passage, a glorious chorus of song and strength that gives her heart to her brothers and sisters that she will sing mightily of their glories.

She misses her family at times but this is her new life now.

Why is she in Riverside, this is where her cousin directed her to go so here she is.

Nick Malloy
Appearance: Nick is medium-tall, and a little skinny. He's got a loud voice and a cool head.
Personality: Nick rarely gets angry, at least in the werewolf sense. When he gets frustrated, he retreats to the Hisil, and runs among the spirits to let off steam. He does this on regular occasions.
Background: Nick grew up in the British Isles, and moved to LA when he was young. He went to school as a normal child, but did exceptionally poorly in most subjects, but excelled with the extracurriculars. Around his 18th birthday, he became incredibly pent up, or so it seemed to his parents. They suggested he try a sport and he started doing track and field. He felt release. He felt free. Upon his graduation from college, he had become one of the top athletes at his school, but not good enough to really compete. He felt enraged and frustrated. So he set out to find his place in the world. During a trip down south(he was headed for Mexico. He never made it.) he was stopped by a group of muggers in the night, who demanded his personal possessions. He refused vehemently, and they proceeded to beat him with sticks for a few minutes. He felt his blood hit boiling, and when he burst, he was looking through a sea a thousand miles away. A great light reigned down from the sky and he heard the Mother's words. "And you will tell the land and sky that the Mother loves them." He remembered these words, and soon appeared half a mile away from the bikers, covered in blood, and in the Shadow. He saw a road spirit, and it told him that the wolves were selling their hearts. Seeing a significance in it, he headed south.

So happy you guys found this one.

Alright so hopefully something like this doesn't happen again.

Will do a final check over of sheets and background this weekend and invite players on Monday so please post in a single post your sheet and the character background

This will make my life insanely easier

Name Louis Wesker

Appearance Louis Wesker is a trim, fit African-American man of average height and compact build. Pronounced facial bone structure makes it seem like his dark eyes are sunk deep into his bald skull. He tends towards clothes appropriate for a fight; that is to say, tough, form-fitting, and non-descript.

As a wolf, Louis is rangy, looking more like a wild dog. His fur is a brown so dark as to be nearly black. The only item that stays the same in every form is a neckband made of leather strips braided with small bones.

Background It can be fair to say that no-one ever really 'got' Louis Wesker. From a young age, no matter what he was chosen to do, Louis threw himself into the activity with verve and dedication that was a little off-putting. Despite his intensity, he seemed unable to succeed in school; he finally managed to eke out a degree in economics and managed to get a job as a low-level accountant in a much larger corporation. Undeterred by his minor position in a much larger machine, Louis often put in long hours, even working weekends or at home. His unnerving focus was noticed and put to work by his immediate superior. The cutthroat world of business being what it is, this advantage soon earned said manager many kudos from the upper tiers; kudos which were, surprisingly, never passed on to Louis.

The time came for Louis's yearly evaluation. He was sure of some positive reinforcement, maybe even a promotion. Instead, his boss took complete responsibility for Louis's dedication and even ended up slighting Louis for his antisocial, occasionally uncooperative nature. It was a scene right out of a Dilbert strip. It was par for the course. And it ended up setting off Louis's First Change.

Not right away, thankfully, though he did end up ducking his boss and getting fired. Louis managed to get home and stewed for most of the day. It wasn't until that night, with the full moon in the sky, that Louis succumbed to his inner Rage and set off, eventually tracking down his boss and messily murdering him and his mistress. Louis was an immediate suspect, of course, but the details of the executive's death, combined with the fact that Louis was whisked off to be initiated into the Blood Talons and Forsaken society as a whole, meant that the investigation soon stagnated.

After his trials, Louis was afforded a couple city blocks, near the waterfront district of Toronto. He set to work cleaning the area of gang members and drug dealers with a brutality and a single-minded determination that is characteristic of his tribe. Toronto's criminal class soon learned that to trespass on Louis's small territory was to meet a bloody and unpleasant end.

Despite his secure position, when a senior Uratha in the city approached the warrior about forming a new pack, Louis really couldn't say no to him. As such, while the werewolf is dedicated to succeeding at whatever he can, he can also be resentful about being 'forced' into a pack.

Originally Posted by Grimgordragon View Post
So it seems that the ad has somehow disappeared.
What is that supposed to mean. IF it were true where is the bug report?
If you look in game pofile there are two ads. If you click werewolf (next to this ad) to filter by game type in the adverts forum you see both.

Rebecca Stanton: Irraka Iron Master

Becky is a trustfund baby, and grew up to all things luxury. Her mother had gotten pregnant in an all girl school, which raised certain questions. In any case Becky's mother married when her daughter was away at her boarding school, Becky simply came home to find someone else living in the house with her mom. Becky's new Step-father Roger was an all around rogue and confidence man who had hit it big marrying her mom. Because of the closeness in age of the family things got strained fairly quickly, and by the time Becky was graduating high school her mom was more than ready for her to go off to college, a long way off. On her last night of winter break before going back to college Becky, her mom, and Roger got in a fight and things got very rough. Becky's mom ended up dead, Becky had her first change, and Roger was put in jail for murder.

It was during her stepfather's trial that her actual father showed up and told her about Luna, Father Wolf, and the Forsaken. He contacted another Uratha that he had done a favor for out in California and sent her off to him. He told her that he expected that she'd endure and thrive all on her own. For the next few years Rebecca will have to survive on only a monthly stipend from her trust until she reaches twenty five and has full access to all of her family's money.

Name: Alex Jackal
Auspice: Irraka Ghost Wolf
Appearance: Alex is 5'11, 100lb, age 25. He has black hair, black eyes, and white skin. He has two long scars going straight down through his eyes. He usually wears black cargo pants (which he has dedicated), a black tee shirt with a red skull (of which he has an entire drawer of), and combat boots. In wolf form, he has jet black fur with what looks like a white skull on the back. He retains his scars when in wolf form. His wolf form resembles more of a half-jackal hybrid than a normal wolf.
Background: Alex is the result of a 16 year old girl, a party she was not supposed to be at, and a very persuasive werewolf. His mother decided to give birth to him, for reasons unknown even to her. Alex was raised by his great grandfather, who took him in to spite Alex's mother. His great grandfather was a retired Vietnam veteran, who was eager to teach young Alex the ways of the US marines. Alex was groomed to join the Marine Corps. When he turned 18, he enlisted. He passed initial training with flying colors, but his dream of becoming a Marine was destroyed the night of his first change. It was 3 weeks before he was deployed, he out a bar when someone tried to pick a fight with him. He floored the man, but instantly got a horrid migraine. When he awoke, the bar was completely massacred. He soon got used to his powers and moved to southern california, hearing about an offer for territory.

I was worried the game started.


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