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Island of Sorcery (Continually Recruiting Gestalt Game)

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Island of Sorcery (Continually Recruiting Gestalt Game)

Island of Sorcery - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

[An Introduction]
You have been exiled. The crime? Having magic run through your veins. The sentence? Life imprisonment on a large island full of others of your kind.

[Game Type and Setting]
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. The setting is a homebrew world, created by me.

[Game Master(s)]
Me, bahamut920, although I'm open to anyone who wants to co-DM, and if the group gets big enough, I may recruit one.

[Game Explanation]
Those with the inborn ability to work magic are hated and feared by the common folk. The instant a budding sorcerer (the catchall name, including many completely disparate inborn powers) is discovered, he or she is imprisoned and brought to a large island, which serves as the Empire's prison colony for sorcerers. Nobody knows what to expect on that island, because even Imperial ships never land there, and anyone who is taken is never heard from again...

[Application Process]
Apply by posting your character, with description, personality, and backstory in this thread. The game will start as soon as at least six players apply.

[Character Creation]
Characters will be made using 36-point point buy. Characters start at first level. The game is a gestalt game, but there are certain restrictions on classes. Players must pick two classes; one will be the character's "primary" class, and one will be the character's "secondary" class. The primary class may be any class, with no restrictions. The secondary class must be one of the following classes:

Once selected, the character's secondary class may not be changed (with the exception of certain prestige classes; see below). Characters do not gain any weapon or armor proficiencies from their secondary class, and use the base attack bonus of their primary class, even if the secondary class provides a more favorable base attack bonus. The character still uses the more favorable progression of the two classes for all saving throws, and any weapon- or armor-related class features gained by the secondary class (such as a warmage's armored mage class feature) still function normally, however a character may require certain weapon or armor proficiencies from their primary class in order to utilize these abilities.

Characters may take levels in certain prestige classes on their secondary class. These prestige classes must advance the class' basic abilities (for example, a character with sorcerer as his or her secondary class must take a prestige class which advances arcane spellcasting, a warlock must take a class which advances invocations - or one of the arcane spellcasting PrCs for which a warlock qualifies - and a favored soul must take a prestige class which advances divine spellcasting). The character must fulfill any class-based requirements with his or her secondary class alone. Theurge-style prestige classes (those which advance two forms of spellcasting) are allowed, but they count as both the character's primary and secondary classes, they must advance the character's secondary class' abilities, and they may be edited before play.

Characters start with a simple set of prison clothes; this consists of a tunic and breeches and a pair of leather boots. Characters may also choose a few small pieces of equipment which can be easily concealed on one's person. Characters start with no other equipment or wealth.

While not a strict requirement, the characters are level one, and most innate magical abilities manifest during puberty, so characters should be
Meaning I want all characters to be in the Young age category - most should be teenagers - and characters who are Middle-Aged or older will only be accepted if their backstory is VERY good.
relatively young.

[Acceptable Source Material]
Any non-setting WotC-published material. Material from other sources will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

[Any additional information or requirements]
Anything added will go in this section; therefore, it will serve as a kind of changelog for the campaign's houserules.

This will be a very much player-driven game. I intend to place actual plots fairly sparsely; it's up to you guys to do constructive things once you begin play. I won't force players to stay in their starting groups, or even to stay in groups at all (although I will recommend it, at least for a little while).

Nonhuman races are allowed, however, most nonhumans mature at a similar rate to humans in this campaign setting. Longer-lived races mature slightly slower, and shorter-lived races mature slightly faster, but not by more than a decade (as in, even the longest-lived elf hits adulthood at twenty-five, instead of the normal fifteen for humans).

One Trait OR Flaw allowed per character.

Players are not limited in the number of times they can apply, but may only have one character on the island at a time.

Every time a character gains a level, they may retrain one feat, a number of skill ranks equal to the amount they gained the previous level, or one spell, invocation, mystery, or power.

Magic/psionic transparency rules are not in effect.

Game Description:

You have been banished. Your crime? Having magic run through your veins. The term? Life imprisonment on a large island, full of others of your kind. There is no escape; the waters are full of monsters and the Imperial Navy patrols the outer seas with force enough to smash even the most organized escape attempt. You are trapped here, so you had better make the best of your time on this island.

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Forgive my misinformed babble.

A Sorcerer/Healer coming soon.

Binder//Shadowcaster is a go.

So, I don't think you answered my question: How much Liquid Shadow uses would be required to draw a Seal?

Also: You liar.

Edit: Also, did you end up agreeing to use the semi-official Shadowcaster fix?

Yuki - I have no idea what you mean by a Seal. What is this and what source is it from? Semi-official shadowcaster fix is go.

I know we begin at level 1, but can we take races with LA (I could link you "lesser" versions of LA'ed races, or a progression of levels that allows races with LA to begin at 1st level and then gain their full powers later)?

Edit: Traits and Flaws?

Paul_V - I see no problem with allowing LA +0 versions of higher-LA races, or racial progressions. However, your character should be a race common on the Material Plane, and run anything you want to use by me, first.

As for Traits and Flaws, one Trait OR Flaw. Period.

Originally Posted by bahamut920 View Post
Yuki - I have no idea what you mean by a Seal. What is this and what source is it from? Semi-official shadowcaster fix is go.
...I may have the nomenclature wrong. It's the thing Binders draw on the ground to summon vestiges?

I'm taking the Flaw. Definitely.

I was thinking Aasimar, as it fits the Healer/Sorcerer concept (and gives me a bonus to both Cha and Wis, what a coincidence!). The Lesser Aasimar is exactly like the regular Aasimar, only Humanoid instead of Outsider. Therefore, he is affected by Hold Person and the like. The LA is +0. Sounds good?

By the way, it's perfectly possible for the populace to assume that my character descends from fiends instead of celestials. Some demons can be as comely as a celestial, and Erinyes ARE actually fallen angels.


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