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King George.

Originally Posted by Keith
Well, technically, Lincoln was correct. None of the succeding states did so in a legal fashion. They had all ratified the constitution, and simply because you are about to become outnumbered in the senate, and thereby unable to stop certain laws from being passed, you quit? Doesn't seem quite right to me. Then again, there is no legal method to properly succeed from the U.S. unless the US decides to let you go.
Well..all save 1. Texas assured themselves the ability to succeed when they joined the United States.

Monk: I know, thats what i put ,technically, in there.

Amnistar: true, however they supported the unlawful insurrection in the other states.

But enough about the civil war, when your people are fighting themselves it quite a difference from fighting a war over an ocean, or fighting words like 'terroism'


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