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Here and There

Here and There - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Please be patient as it is my first time DMing.

Classes available: One defender, one striker, one leader, and one controller. (I may accept one other if it's really good.)

Races: Any. And I mean any. Even a monster manual one.

Ability scores: Default point buy used in the handbook.

Sources: D&D 4E Player's Handbook, D&D 4E Monster Manual

You begin at level 1 and with 100gp.
You also have a standard adventurers kit.

Submit in this form.


Background is extremely important, since I want every character to have the spotlight shine on them at one point or another.

Okay. Have fun submitting characters.

Game Description:

Here and There is (currently) a dungeon delve style game. The current crop of PCs are from a high-tech high-fantasy world and are exploring a stone and brick tower owned by the international Intellimotion Corp. The tower is infested with the reanimated remains of some sort of lizard race. The players are racing to the top of the tower to destroy a "generator" that is letting the undead through into this world.

The game may take some twists and turns from there.

This game was originally started by Eaglewing and I was asked by the current players to step up as a replacement DM.

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this seems interesting. placeholder

going to start working on a character tomorrow. A warlock or a warlord, still trying to decide better

I'm assuming since you invited me I automatically get in, I just have to make a character?

I'm thinking goliath warden or avenger of Melora that has a vendetta against technology.

That or a warlord or cleric of Erathis that promotes the advances in technology, whichever you'd prefer.

Name: Hecker Kothar
Gender: Male
Race: Tiefling
Class: Infernal Warlock

Yes, Phoenixfire. You get in as long as you make a character.

Remember everyone, I may just increase the number of members to five if I find a really good character.

Well, I guess... All right - I'll bite. But you never said when you meant to close applications. Nor what we should expect from this game. That might be discouraging people from applying.

Tangarth Redhorn, Male Minotaur Fighter

Yes, can you please elaborate a bit on the setting and what you expect the general feel of the campaign to be? I get that it's a high tech/high magic hybrid sort of thing, but it would be nice to know a little more about the world.

Ok. What to expect from the campaign will actually change depending on the PCs' decisions. That is, the world will grow around them.


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