The Army of Three needs new recruits!

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The Army of Three needs new recruits!

The Army of the Three - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Hello everyone and thank you for reading this ad. The Army of Three is a game that was started as an introduction to DnD 4e and as an opportunity to let people try things out and see how they'd work in a variety of situations. We willingly accept applications at this thread:
Currently characters should be level 1 and due to plot changes we will accept anything from the following:

The basic concept is that there is a group of kingdoms (Elven, Dwarven, and Human-Dragonborn) who have recently been beset by armies from the outer rim. The army is recruiting anyone who can wield a weapon to help ward off the invaders.

Now onto the other part of the ad.

Due to RL issues the game has lost several DM's. My own real life is now starting to cut into my own time to work on these several concurrent timelines. So I would appreciate anyone who would be willing to step in and help move a group or two on. I will be in charge of the overall plot, but the truth is that you will have a lot of freedom in how you handle the group(s) that you will be in charge of.

If there are any questions please post and I'll try to answer as quickly as possible.

Game Description:

In an old land three countries exist in general harmony with each other, and in constant discord with everyone else.

The elves live in a lush forest at the base of range of inactive volcanoes. They dwell there with their Eladrin cousins and their half-breed children.

The Humans and Dragonborn have strived together to form one nation. The land they cover is vast, circling that same mountain range that the elves live in the shadow of. on the opposite side of the resting volcanoes there lies a swampy region, South of that and around the crux of the volcano range are plains, until they meet with the forests.

In the Volcanic mountains dwells a sturdy nation of dwarfs. The dwarfs have a special relationship with the humans. Centuries ago, when some human wizards and warlocks made evil pacts with devils and demons and let the cities be overrun the humans not turned cast the rest out. The dwarfs took them in as slaves and thus the tieflings dwell, working off the burden of slavery for their ancestor's crimes according to dwarven law.

Half-elfs, half breeds between humans and elfs, dwell in on the border between the plains and the forest, no one truly knows which nation they belong to, but the elfs contend that they are more in touch with nature, and thus should belong to the elven nation. The humans have accepted that.

Halflings have taken the niche of mercantilism over. They travel many various ways among the cities that reside in each country, bartering and trading.

Thus the alliance lives and works well. A mutual threat looms on the horizon. Barbarous nations, rich in numbers, have begun to threaten the peace and solidarity of these three realms. They have decided to create a massive army to defend their nations, together. They call it, "The Army of the Three." The three nations claim to be civilized, and have thus refused to initiate a draft. The leaders of the nations have impressed all their people to the need of more soldiers. A great number of new recruits has recently joined the army.

People are joining for a number of reasons. Some are being let off of criminal punishments if they join the military and serve their time there. The dwarfs have offered this to their tiefling slaves, telling them that this is the perfect way to make up for their race's past sins. Others are joining purely out of a sense of responsibility. Knowing of the incoming danger, they have to be on the front, protecting their people and their families. Another reason people have been joining is to unleash their inner fury. In the peace that has held the nations together so far there have been few ways to unleash fury and death legally upon others. The Army offers a way out for those who feel the need to maim and kill.

For whatever reason you are in the army, you have joined with no intention of leaving before your time is up. Will you have the stamina to stay with it till the end? The courage to fight each battle? and the strength to actually defeat your foes? Will you have the cunning and wisdom to rise to the top? And will you have the pure ruthlessness to do whatever it takes for your nation to survive?

Indeed that does get a faster response. In fact for players I would prefer that link to be used. What I would really like though would be someone to help with some of the DMing. Even if someone is inexperienced, I promise you pick up a lot quickly!

I'll help DM. I'm new to pbp dming, but have lots of PnP experience.

Seems interesting...might try to throw a character together sometime soon.

Most of the current GMs have gone AWOL, but there are several players looking to continue. If you'd be interested in being a GM as well as a player, you are doubly needed for this game.

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