Exalted; Every Dream Shall Die (First Age; Recruiting)

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Exalted; Every Dream Shall Die (First Age; Recruiting)

Exalted Every Dream Shall Die - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Well... I'm looking for a few players. I'm not sure how many yet though...

A few points

1; If you want to play a Celestial Exalt, tell me so, and create a Heroic Mortal. Do not spend your bonus points yet, or background points. I will run you through a prologue, and then Exalt you in game. I also will choose the nature of what Exaltation you recieve, based on a variety of factors.

2; Don't worry about other players. This won't be a single coherent party

3; Terrestrials and Jadeborn are fair game. Dragon Kings... you'll have to sell it to me. Same with Fae....

4; Dreams of the First Age, whilst it would be useful, is not required.

5; RP and background, however, are absolutely required

6; Feel free to ask questions

Game Description:

An Age of Power, Splendour, Majesty...

An Age of Magic...

It is the First Age. The Solar Deliberative rules all Creation, under the mandate of the Unconquered Sun; greatest of the gods. They have brought magic with their rule, creating a golden age, ruled, of course, by the golden Princes of the Earth, the all-great and powerful Solar Exalted. Blessed in His sight, these Chosen of the Sun have powers that put them far beyond mortal man, powers that give them the right to rule, both over mortals, and over such chosen of the gods.

Yet still, things are not, in the end, as they truly should be. Something has gone wrong. Yet, not one Deliberator can see it. Even the eyes of Yu Shan are blind to what is happening below


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And thanks to Rodrigo for renaming the forum.

Also, please contact me before writing up a sheet (especially if you're writing up a Dragon Blood or Jadeborn) I'd like to go through some stuff with you.

Are you using standard character build rules, or the First Age chargen in Dreams of the First Age?

First Age, though as above for Celestial Exalts. I'm assuming training dots are totally free. I'll run people through the changes on request.

Fae and Jadeborn will be generated as normal though.

Well, to lighten the mood a bit...

We're all doing our character creation via PM, aren't we? Odd, that. I guess it makes sense for the sort of game we have, though.


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