Adventure Creation Standards

Adventure Creation Standards

This thread details the standards and instructions for making 3.5 E adventures to be published on the Farland website.

To make this adventure, you will need the Hultog font, which I have provided below as an attachment, courtesy of Cumberland Games & Diversions. Unzip the font and then to install it drop it in your fonts folder, located in your control panel.
  • Make the adventure in a MS Word document.
  • Text should be in two columns.
  • The over-all adventure title should be underlined, normal caps in Hultog 32 pt. font. It is a custom color Red 76, Green 121, Blue 140.
  • Type your adventure in Hultog 12 pt. font.
  • Post the headings in Hultog, Bold, Underlined 15 pt. font, all caps. Make the headings a custom blue (the normal text is black). The numbers used to make this custom color is Red 76, Green 121, Blue 140.
  • Make certain not to use anything that is not found in the SRD or that is not OGL. Be especially certain that you do not use monsters not found in the SRD.
  • Your adventure should contain the following headings/ topics where appropriate:
  • Title, "An adventure for four xxx-level player characters," Credits, Preparations, Adventure Background, Adventure Synopsis, Adventure Hooks, Beginning the Adventure, Any headings that pertain to the body of the adventure, Concluding the Adventure, Further Adventures, Appendices (if appropriate). There needs to be at least one appendix-- the OGL.
  • Edit your adventure for spelling and grammar.
  • Use standard WOTC stat blocks. It is fine to use abbreviated stat blocks.

We know that this may seem confusing, so download this adventure to see an example of the correct format (thanks Chunky for setting the standard).

This may seem like a lot, but once you see the example, it will become easy, I promise you.

You may also use the Adventure Editing template (see the attachment below).

All you do is copy and paste the text from the adventure you are editing and modify the pre-written titles when necessary.

If you have any questions, please post them below and a staff member will answer them, and congratulations on joining the World of Farland development team!
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The standards have been updated.

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