Chapter 4 - A Fork in the Road

Joachim did not listen to Tamriks speech. He his mind had wondered on. He even went as far as being rude enough to not even reply to the question asked why he did not speak to him. He caught but some words about everyone playing their part in the big game. It was ridiculous to the paladin. All that mattered was the choice of doing the right thing even if the odds were against. So what did it matter if there was a specialization what mattered was the determination to succeed and of course doing so. He looked at Tamrik and shrugged. A certain dislike of the man had started even though he could not point out the reasons why since he did not recall the night before in it's plenitude. A vision he had before started to grow in his brains. Tamrik following Garaks footsteps, beginning to be a follower of last. He shook of the image but remained with the idea in his head. Also he had started to see Garak as a ally ... Like one once said: "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer". He watched them split ways. Then started to head with the others for the AAGP.

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