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VtR: Random Events

VtR: Random Events - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 5


The City of St. Gabriel has always had it's problems but that was with the mortal crowd. The kindred had always found it to be a place to be free to be themselves. The local police force has all but given up on finding missing persons and the government always put the blame on the drug dealers. But all that is when the sun's light shines upon the surface.

After receiving a summons from the Prince of the domain you inhabit you made your way to the Elysium in the center of downtown. In the historic district surrounded by an old red brick road stands an old broken down church. This is the location that houses the entrance to the miles of caverns and chambers of the Prince's court.

You know no reason for you to be summoned, or who the Prince is. History has shown that no one knows who the Prince is. Al of his ruling has been done from the mouths of his council headed by the Master of Elysium.

Your summons had mentioned for you to come with only yourself. Upon arriving you found out why. No longer will the Prince allow for kine to be in the halls of Elysium and all tasks to be done are there are to be done by the kindred. Even the prince has no human servants.

In the bowels of Elysium you and four of your kindred wait in one of the more appealing room. A stone walled theater in the round style chamber with red silken couches lining the wall broken only by the stairs which lead to the center floor. Those stairs are the entrance and exit to the room. Three small candle chandeliers hand from the ceiling acting as the only source of light. Centered in the chamber stands the Prince's representative.

"Greetings brethren." Addressing you is the Master of Elysium, he who the Prince has placed in control of the non-violent nature of the underground palace. He bows low in a grand fashion. "The Prince thanks you for answering the summons as quickly as you have. You all have been free to roam this city as all of our kind have been. The Prince likes to call this a free city. As long as you keep your place." He chuckles at this finding himself rather humorous. As you may have noticed our security has been tightened severely. I am sure you all have some questions."[/b]

This game will move forward based on your motivation as a Vampire in a good city to be a vampire. Will you as a group work together in hopes to gain individual benefits? Or will you all fall from grace and be haunted the shadow of the Prince's darker side?

Deadline: Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Game Description:

A group of kindred have been summoned to the Prince's court due to events occurring in the city. The worst of the events concerns some very sloppy hunting which has left at least two kine out in the open every night. The media has picked up on this and has announced the police are searching for the killer and are calling him "The Invisible Stalker".

The second event is the disappearance of a random handful of Ancilla have gone missing from the Prince's court.

Other events are taking place but they have yet to amount to anything.

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I'm up for it! Daeva incoming, will have her ready for you tonight.

Originally Posted by SevenYearKing
Wow, it's like you all were waiting for this game or something...

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Wow, it's like you all were waiting for this game or something...
Nooooooo. Not at all.

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Wow, it's like you all were waiting for this game or something...
and we were absolutely not stalking you...nope...


I will be making a character too.
Ventrue's been called, Two Mekhets, and a Daeva
I'll go with Gangrel.


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