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Cafe Random, the place for random chat!

Cafe Random, the place for random chat!

Here is a new thread for random talk about whatever.

By the way, I apologize for my long absence from the Guild. I'm glad to see it kept rolling without me!

I've asked Kanavel for a bit of help double-checking March's challenge tallies, while Agricolus is handling May's theme vote. Thank you guys!

I know things are looking rather... well, random, at the moment. I hope to have the challenge winners posted for last month very soon, and will try to be more timely with April's.

*strolls thru and waves hi to everybody*

Hi everybody. Yes, I am still alive.

*is still alive, technically speaking*

Cool beans! The lovely ladies have returned! Just like old times! Say, maybe we could use a quick prompt theme again, maybe someone can add to the closet and keep it going!

just back muh self... I was at a convention trying to get publishers interest.

Originally Posted by Genocide Device View Post
just back muh self... I was at a convention trying to get publishers interest.
Excellent. How'd that go?

Count me in too. Back from a long winter's nap. Hah!

*Waves back at the others in the room. Sees his ten-key on a table. Picks it up and throws it in the trash. And then orders a round of drinks for everyone in the cafe.*

Originally Posted by Wonder Woman View Post
Excellent. How'd that go?
I got a lot of good advice

Selling yourself to publishers is mainly giving them something they know they can sell. a lot of time s the problem you run into is a lack of trust for the material. Horror (in my case) is one of the least trust worthy genres out there. So a lot of it has to do with selling your self. Shorts like we do are a good way to break into that of course but getting up and personal with the fans it the biggest part of it. Get people interested in what you do and they'll start creating that trust. This is especially important with small publishers where you essentially are responsible for your own sales. Web publishing the stuff you can't seem to get people to pick up is a good way to start a reputation to gain that trust but just get the stuff out there so people can read it. Eventually they will start to request it.

lol they also said start with the big money and work your way down to the little people before self publishing.

unfortunately, this is stuff I already know


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