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Random thought for today. This is one of my favorite quotes. It will become more evident why when you remember I am an accountant.

"Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted, counts." (Einstein)

Woo! Finally got my first rejection letter. After three months of waiting.

Congratulations. That has to mean something. Did they make any suggestions/recommendations or just send it back with a form letter?

Send it out to the next one.

Originally Posted by The Editors
Thank you for offering your story to Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. We're sorry to tell you that we will not be using it; you are free to submit it elsewhere.


The Editors
That's all. So glad it took them three months (to the day) to ignore it with a form letter.

I don't know if this goes here but I'm interested in joining MWWG. Could someone PM me and tell me what to do in order to join? Thanks.

Just write. Participate in the challenges, the discussions. We're a pretty loose group, brought together by our desire to write and improve our craft.

To become a "member," I think one of the GMs has to invite you now. You used to be able to apply, but good ol' MWv4 saw an end to that. Being a member is not necessary to post and compete. I, for instance, am both a founding member and not a member at all.

Ooh, look, a newbie!

Welcome in, mate. Now I'm not the latest add in the group. All of what Kerrz said is good, and I gave a bit of background introduction too. Dunno for the others, but it's kind of nice knowing who you are.

Originally Posted by Kerrz View Post
That's all. So glad it took them three months (to the day) to ignore it with a form letter.
3 months is pretty standard, they have to read through a lot of stuff, and it's first in, first out.

Form letters are pretty standard too, they can't comment on each submision.

Hey, one and all - I'm a little behind in the Hall of Fame - everyone check it out to see if I missed you. If I did, I'm woefully sorrowful and should be horse whipped, but PM me and I'll get you caught up. Oh, and in addition, March's challenge post is in hte wrong place - don't know how to unstick it and re-stick it - if anyone can do this let me know how or do it, if you can. Sorry once again, sometimes I have the attention span of a


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