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Originally Posted by Annalia View Post
Ooh, look, a newbie!

Welcome in, mate. Now I'm not the latest add in the group. All of what Kerrz said is good, and I gave a bit of background introduction too. Dunno for the others, but it's kind of nice knowing who you are.
Well, I'm 31, married with two wonderful kids, and work as an EMT for an ambulance company doing 911 response in Los Angeles county, California. I put in a lot of hours at work, and pick up overtime as well. I typically work at least 80+ hours a week. I am blessed that my company has stayed strong despite our current economy, and I am able to support my family on my income alone, as my wife had to quit work to care for my autistic son.
I've been on and off of Myth Weavers for over three years now. I have played in a couple of games, but I prefer to DM. It's been over a year since I was active in a game, and am planning on starting a 3.5 campaign when I get back from vacation in July. I wanted to be a part of the Writer's Guild because I recently decided that a lot of my priorities needed to be reorganized. I wanted to focus on what was really important. I spent my time on things that ultimately were of no consequence, hobbies and such that were not constructive. I sold my Warhammer 40K miniatures and vehicles to a co-worker and have seriously cut down the time I spend playing my Xbox360. I am also interested in buying a laptop so I can write and log in to MW at work.
I have wanted to write professionally since I began reading my father's fantasy and science fiction novels while in elementary and junior high school. After I got introduced to AD&D in 7th grade, I quickly gravitated to the work of R. A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood and other D&D/sword and sorcery fantasy novelists. I am now seriously pursuing writing with an intent on eventually becoming published, a longtime dream of mine. I don't want to be rich or famous, and I don't know if I want to be a full time writer. Getting published and having people enjoy my work would be enough for me.
Anyways, I think I've gone on long enough. I look forward to writing with you all. God bless.

Shoot, a whole bio. Maybe we should open a bio thread. Or, if that bothers anyone, just short bios. Or you don't have to even write in it.

Anyone think that's a good idea, or a possible opening of a sinister door to some kind of kidnapper?

.....Naaa, no one would kidnap a writer!...oops, what about that Kathy Bates movie.... hmmmm.... Anyway, LOD, good to know yer aboard.

Say, LOD - check out this here link - its a place we used for giving reader profiles, so we could figure who to read which stories for critiquing. They have a wealth of info on the members here, and you might want to copy your post there too!

Well, again, welcome in LoD. I must say, I'm the first one to ever touch writing in my family (that I know of) and it got me quite a lot of wide-eye staring at first! Now they're used to see me grunt at 'em when they bother me in the middle of a piece, and it's all good.

Also, I just dropped by that thread and updated my 'profile'. There was mention of an unfinished book and I couldn't let that slip by!

Welcome to the nuthouse, err, Writer's Guild, LoD!

Thanks for the warm welcome. Still brainstorming for the June challenge. I have a few ideas, but my inner editor keeps on telling me they're all crap. Same problem I've been dealing with since high school. Any way to get around that?

Write crap.

The most important part of being a writer is writing. So write something. Write a lot of somethings. And then, when they're written: THEN you judge them.

Write crap. Really. I've started stories that didn't sound like they'd go anywhere, but as they progressed, I found a character or situation that opened it all up. And you're among friends - if it goes nowhere, well, we've all been there before

Better to write crap and learn than to not write at all.

Writing takes skill, it's not something you can just do, and like anything that takes skill, it takes practice.

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