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Justice League: First Crisis

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Justice League: First Crisis



Do not be alarmed. I am merely contacting you via my telepathic powers. As it is I am also addressing eight additional “superheroes,” as you seem to refer to yourselves, at this exact moment.

I am called J’onn J’onnz, last of the Martians.

I have chosen to contact you nine because I have foreseen a tremendous evil coming to this planet. I do not know what shape or form this evil will take, nor why you nine must be chosen, I only know that it must be you nine. I do not often have visions of the future, perhaps this is why I cannot say.

What I can say is that this evil cannot be beaten by any one hero alone. Therefore I propose an alliance, a sort of “League,” if you will. I understand if you are reluctant to forgo your independence, but it is my belief that together we can accomplish a great deal more than we can alone.

I shall allow you twenty-four hours to decide. If you choose to accept, simply say so aloud. Farewell for now.

Game Description:


This game is inspired by various properties owned by DC Comics, and the basic idea of the Earth’s greatest heroes assembling together to fight crime and save the world still holds. However, in this universe things have progressed a bit differently than in the original canon. The various superheroes have only just begun to emerge on the scene, and are still fairly wet behind the ears, so to speak. These rookie heroes will have to learn a lot about themselves and their abilities, and quickly, if they hope to stave off the great evil the Martian Manhunter has warned of. As a result no superhero has more than a couple of years worth of experience beneath his belt.

The game will be composed of a series of missions that will pit our team of nine heroes, guided by the Martian Manhunter, against various threats from across the DC Universe. Are these plots an unrelated series of coincidences, or part of something more sinister? And what exactly is the great evil on the horizon? Furthermore, who has made the Manhunter's list of chosen heroes? The typical Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman-centric ensemble of the standard canon? An off-beat team composed of the likes of The Question, Phantom Stranger, and the Spectre? Or something in between or even totally different?

Character Creation

For this game I will be using material out of the M+M core book and Ultimate power, as such you can as well (duh). You will playing the as the standard PP level 10 characters but with 165 points, as your fledgling heroes have had some experience in crimefighting. To keep up with the theme of this game though, you WILL have to play as established DC characters.

I will ask not you keep the original origin story at all though, just something that seems to fit the theme of that character. Tell me what he has been up since he started his Career as a caped crusader. What villains has he faced? Has he fought an Arch Enemy yet? Accidentally killed someone? Has he fallen in love? Gotten married even?

These choices are up to you. Hero applicants are chosen by merit as well as speed, if you can't deal with that you not mature enough to play this game. Sorry

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ARRRRGGGGHHHHH why is it double posting? I'm still getting used to making ads can someone help me out here...I have everything else built perfectly...

The top is your advertisement, and the bottom is the game description. You likely filled out both fields with the same info. Both are displayed in advertisements.

Got you will edit it, sorry it's been awhile since I've been on here. Though I have to ask since I see a few people here...is anyone interested?

This definitely looks awesome. Now, do we have to make characters of the DC universe, like Superman and Batman, or can we come up with original, less known, heroes?

You make DC heroes from Supes to the Red Tornado, as this is supposed be the DC version of the Ultimates...though I am giving you free reign on their origin story...as long as it similiar to the original character theme wise.

Gender (though it should be obvious sometimes with -man and -woman suffixes all over the place)

LATER: Stats

and later prospective Sheets.

Dr. Leonard Lavinski
(secret identity)

Dr. Leonard Lavinski is the son of a Jewish family that emigrated to the United States after WW2. He is a short, dark-haired man with a small, neat beard and glasses and he always wears a very nice, if conservative, suit and tie.

After being educated at Harvard, Oxford and Tel Aviv universities, he received his doctorate in antiquities. For the last ten years, since his blessed mother passed, he has lived alone in a small, well-appointed loft above his work.

Leonard Lavinski owns a small high-end antique shop down town, specializing mostly in first edition books, Persian carpets and old coins. One day he took delivery of a crate he had bid on unseen at auction. It contained the jumbled relics of a well-respected Egyptian collector's office. Among the refuse of old cigar boxes, occult books and well-chewed pens was a small iron lock box. Having cut the lock from it, he made a very exciting discovery. Inside the lock box was yet another box, but this one was of very ancient construction. The sandalwood was frail and barely held together by verdigrised copper straps, and marked all over it with ink and carved runes in several ancient scripts were warnings against opening it. His curiosity peaked, Leonard delicately unwound the wire bindings to find within very dirty and worn, but obviously authentic golden amulet. It was plain and unadorned (or perhaps whatever had originally been inscribed into it was worn off by many hands rubbing). Pulling his handkerchief from his pocket, Leonard began to wipe away the grime from the amulet as he mumbled his way through translating the Cuneiform on the box....

Dr. Fate, in this version of the story, has not yet built his doorless tower and lives in downtown Metropolis. His secret lair and mystical laboratory are under his antique store. Since discovering the amulet and being led to an undiscovered Ptolemaic desert temple in which the golden helm lay hidden, Fate has begun to learn and master the ancient eastern magics contained in the relics. At the very beginning his mystical career, before he had much control, Fate came into conflict with the ancient sorceress Wotan - a woman who had mastered the art of transfering her spirit from one host to another and was immortal. Wotan had long ago become so powerful that she was worshipped as a god before being defeated by a previous keeper of the relics of Fate. Now, feeling the re-emergence of her nemesis, she awoke from the long slumber she had been placed under and began her quest for true godhood. She constructed a machine that fused powerful magic and advanced technology to transform her subjects into living shadows. ... tbc'd


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