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Mystic Rhymes

Mystical Rhymes - Forum
D20 Modern
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Introduction: "Sit down kid, we need to talk. Now you saw something that didn't make any sense. Don't sweat it, it's all right. That's why I'm here to... set the record straight and stop you from doing something stupid like rounding up your neighbors and doing that pitchfork mob thing. Don't mind the ears, that's just cause I ain't from this side of the wall. Us people from Arcadia we all have them funny ears. Nice place, always a party going on. And man are those parties out of this world if you'll forgive the pun. Maybe you'll get a chance to go there sometime, maybe sooner then later.

Anyway... you saw something weird kid and I'm here to help you. See what you humans see, that's just what's on the surface of that great ocean we call existence. World's stranger, grander and more amazing then anything you can imagine. The truth is a man can hold a newborn star if he'd learn how. There's dark things that would give nightmares to the boggeyman lurking just out of the average human's sight.

But that's alright, that's why I'm here. If you'll take a chance and trust a weird stranger with stars in his hands and weird ears like you'd expect on some character in a fairy tale, I'll walk with you for a little bit, show you a little of what's going. Keep your ears sharp, it's going to get crazy but hell but don't be afraid that's a grand world you've stepped in and let me tell you, been walking into for a good 2000 years and I still haven't found single boring day..

Game Description:

Number of Players Required: 3 maximum

System: D20 Modern/ Urban Arcana

Character Level: 3

Books permitted for Character Creation: D20 modern core, Dark matter, d20 past, Modern player's companion

Character creation directives: This is an urban fantasy game in the style of the Dresden Files, War of the Oaks and such in a homebrew universe. When creating characters I can't stress enough that these characters need to be fully fleshed out and be vividly depicted with interesting goals and traits. This will be a game about wonder, fantasy and magic in a style that will strive to be deeply immersive...

Because of this, no cardboard characters! No munchkins with martial artist build X for one shoting dragons with their fists! I want interesting characters that you will have fun playing beyond combat and stats

I would like to have a fully written background submitted with your application. Something about 1-2 pages long will be enough as long as the character is interesting, I will be satisfied. When writting your background please have it culmulate with your character encountering the supernatural from there, the game will start with the introductory scene that will bring you all together.

Ideally, applicants should submit human characters to facilitate introduction to the game. However, if someone comes along with a non-human species character with a concept that blows my mind away. I might be convinced to accept BUT such a character will have to follow my lead and face special guidelines pertaining to the setting I will stipulate AFTER I have given my O.K for such a character.

Use 28 point buy for your stats, follow standard D20 modern character creation rules.

Other then that, have fun creating your characters :) Applicant chosen will receive a PM informing them they have been selected...

Other considerations: Players can expect me to post twice a day. I , for myself as Gm expect at least 1 post a day from each participants. Players don't have to worry, however, I'm not a tyrant and if RL responsibilities would call them away, we can deal with this when such things come along, and I will more then understand...

Applicants should be informed that this won't be a combat heavy game. Not that you won't find your share of high action romps but applicants should expect combat to be far from the focus of the game and when it comes to rules. I will liberally change them to suit my needs...

Hope to see lots of you :)

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Boy am I interested. I know they're sometimes scorned, but I've gotta throw a placeholder post here, as it will take a bit to churn out a satisfactory concept.

I've got another idea for a crazy homeless guy thats secretly a superhero that fights crime using his hobo technology that he makes himself in his secret cardboard base. To offset it's obvious shortcomings it's enhanced with mysterious technological advances that were taught him by aliens of course. Technology kinda character.

And a Spanish matador turned paranormal battler. Kinda the, Occult Slayer/Hunter archetype. Just haven't gotten them developed yet.

Originally Posted by The Cleric View Post
Boy am I interested. I know they're sometimes scorned, but I've gotta throw a placeholder post here, as it will take a bit to churn out a satisfactory concept.
no worries as long as I get fun characters, I have no problem waiting...

Definitely interested. It's been a while since I've played D20 Modern, but this game sounds fun at the very least. intriguing even.

As of right now, I'm tossing around (in my own head) the idea of a person just beginning to discover their powers in the magical sense. A student at a local college, or an desk jockey at an office... someone not normally keen on this stuff. They start heading into some dark alleys, seedy bars, corner bodegas and before they know it... they're face to face with an elemental, trying to understand how their hand can glow yellow when they're frightened.

I'll flesh this out, methinks.

*....meekly walks into the forum*
I..I would be interested in this campaign, I already have a guy on the back burner but I would need to work a few things out to fit into this game setting. I'll just leave this here while I work on him.

Question: Does a Techno Mage fit into this homebrew setting? I've never read either of those series, so I have no clue.

Oh, this sounds interesting. I think I'll play a Dedicated Hero going for Investigator or Acolyte.

You'll have to give me a day or two to download the d20 Modern books (I don't have them in hard copy) but I have an idea for a character concept, based off an old freeform character of mine... It depends on two things, mainly.

- How do you feel about psionics? I use the term loosely; by "psionics" I mean any abilities that affect the minds of others.
- Would my character die very quickly if he were not able to walk well?

Thanks for the response and your interest everyone. This is my first time gming play by post so it's really nice to see so many interested

To adress your questions from person to person:
-Shazam: If you have any questions about the setting and such, needing more details. Please PM me I'll be happy to answer them...

-Yuki Akuma: Your characters are ECL 3 so it would not be possible to start off a techno-mage however YES such a character could definetly be possible. All I'm asking is something cool. But since your character won't be a technomage right off the bat, to integrate this concept I would suggest a basic class and work in your background that your character is slowly starting to "feel the pulse of the machine" so to speak, by that I mean the touch of magic is slowly awakening in him...

-Paul_V: That could work great. I will indicate you to my response to Yuki Akuma about advanced classes. That said if you are interested in an acolyte, work your character's deep, deep faith inside there and when you level up I should be fine with you going acolyte. Similarly a detective like background will definetly be enough of a justification to take investigator levels when you level up

- TheOz:1-No I am not adverse to "psionics" but if you are selected for this game I will have a few in-game indications to give so everything can fit in...
2-No more then any other character. A given fight might be harder, and you will certainly find your character's flaws relevant in game. But I will never throw challenges at players that they have no chance of defeating (unless they do something incredibly stupid in the vein of giving the middle to finger Szass Tam in a Realms game). And mental characters can and will have opportunities to use their unique strenghts to overcome challenges (that means clever role-playing can me by-passing some physical challenges entirely). That also means a particularly mentally oriented party won't have to worry about taking on raging ogre mage trashers in fistfights to often

-heyyon: That sounds really interesting so far, keep me posted. Might need to work another creature instead of an elemental for in-game purposes. But you are definetly on the right track...

To everyone: I tailor all my challenges to the party of players I have so submit your concepts with full confidence, even if they have quirks or flaws. These enhance the game experience and I strive to encourage creativity even if that's at the expense of mechanical effectiveness...

That is not to say I won't accept a character good at combat. The point is that the characters should be fully fleshed out, whatever the idea may be. A soldier is not just a guy in a uniform with a gun he's a full person and that's what is important to show with your backgrounds...

Also please feel free to Pm any questions you may have


I didn't mean I wanted to start out as a Techno Mage. Sheesh. :P

But next level I'd be taking a level in the class, so my character would have to already almost be one.

I was also thinking of taking "Magical Heritage" - although not as actual heritage and more as "awakening to the powers of the arcane".


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