Pain and Prejudice

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Pain and Prejudice

Pain and Prejudice - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Looking for 4-6 dedicated players to play a roleplaying based game.

Will stop accepting Apps when 6 players are accepted, or on May 6th, whichever comes first.

Please see game forum for more information on game setting and history, as well as character generating rules

Main Game Forum:

Discussion Forums:

Game Description:

In a world filled with fear, and bereft of any semblance of peace; racial enmity and prejudice is all you've ever known.

In this land, hope is a dying light, and its rays are reaching far less people every day.

Looking for 4-6 players.
We're only looking for serious role players.
There will be combat, but optimization should be low. Don't outshine the present characters.
Characters are presently 6th level. Normal wealth by level. Max HP.
Any alignment is fine, inter-party conflicts are fine, but characters that do nothing but disrupt the game will be kicked out - this includes good characters too.

Cats land on their feet. Toast lands jellyside down. A cat glued to some jelly toast will hover in quantum indecision. I will be gone from September 17th to the 19th.
I will allow SRD, Sorry this should have been part of the main pretext.

I'm interested, I'll prepare a Female Human Swashbuckler 2 - Fighter 1 looking to become a Dervish.
I have a few questions.
Are traits and flaws (from the SRD) allowed?
Would you allow "retraining" from weapon focus (kukri) to weapon focus (scimitar) when I'll be able to use scimitars as light weapons, pretty much like kukris?

@akela reroll anything under 10 :P I edited the dice roll post to include this

@Krinn Im going to have to review the flaws and traits before I approve that section (sorry don't have easy access to that resource) but I do allow some feat retraining when leveling up. If you have not used the feat in the previous level, you may change it, or if its weapon focus/spell focus, you may change the focus.

I'm interested in playing. How about a half-elf druid?

Name- Vouox
Stats- 17,15,15,13,12,10
Background- Vouox's mother died during his birth. Vouox grew up in a large tropical jungle. he was mentored by his father in a town infused with magical energies. Vouox's family is noble, defensively weak, torn by internal squabbles, and disrespected by the community. In his childhood, Vouox met the love of his live. Vouox applied to the army but was rejected on account of his personality. Vouox has some friends, none close.

I'm interested in giving D&D a shot- I haven't played the game in a few years, though. I did have the idea for playing a potentially evil "fallen noble." His family had gained power through less-than-moral means, and ended up nearly wiped out as a result.

The character would be the last scion of that family, dedicated to finding a way to restore his family's "good" name- through judicial application of appearing wealthy, bribery, popularity, and diplomacy. The character is cold-hearted, ruthless, yet entirely pragmatic and well acquainted with the philosophy of enlightened self-interest. He's entirely selfish, but understands that the best way to look out for #1 is to work together.

It may be better to be feared than loved, but its even better to be both feared and beloved.

As for the meat of the character- most likely human, or possibly half-elf, tiefling, or any other half-breed; I have not chosen a specific class for the character yet, but most likely going to be some variation on magic swordsman.

@blunt sounds like a good character. I don't mind selfish, but please no full Evil alignments.

@everyone, if you havent checked it out, please do:

It includes world history, beginning setting, and dice rolls/character sheets. May want to read the world History and or current setting before deciding character concepts.

Still looking for a few more applications if anyone is interested.


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