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noob dice rolling question

noob dice rolling question

I'm new to myth weavers though I've done PbP games in the past. In those games we used Invisible Castle for dice rolls. This site, however, has a different way of rolling dice: code built into the forum. So about it I have a simple question: How do I see what the dice roll result is before I post my character's action? I'll need to see the result so that I can describe a hit or miss, won't I? I've tried using the Vb code tester the site offers and every time I submit it it's a different value for the roll. I've also tried posting on other threads but only using the preview post button to see if the numbers are the same, but no luck there either they're still different. From all of the rules with regard to the automated dice rolls it certainly seems as though there's supposed to be a way to see the result beforehand, especially with all of the stuff about warnings being given if you delete dice rolls or shift them around in the post. How do you see the results before posting a character's action then? Do you just have to post the dice rolls first and then edit the post? Or what?

Rolling first and then editing is fairly common. So long as you don't add in new dice above the ones you've already rolled, nothing weird happens (at least, that's how I understand it to work). Otherwise, people just give ambiguous descriptions ('the sword arced down towards the beasts neck, it's razor sharp blade flickering in the firelight'...for example) or in some occasions use fancy 'coding' which gives different text depending on the result. I'm not sure how that works, though.

Hope that was helpful!

(Oh, to answer the primary question, there isn't any way I know to see the results before you post.)

There is NO WAY of knowing the result before the roll, to avoid cheating. As JW pointed out, you can always edit the post afterwards to reflect the result, and anyway, most games I play in you don't actually know if its a miss or a hit, unless you roll 1 or 20.

Just don't add new dice before the existing ones (adding them after is fine).

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