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Slipping Into Darkness

Slipping Into Darkness - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

IntroductionPort Gatri, a veritable city of adventure on the frontier of the new world, the continent of Theradar. Founded fifty years ago as a joint venture between the human kingdom of Caenna and the elven magi of Uthennes Glade, and the crown jewel in the late Queen Cecia’s reign.

As the first outpost in a prosperous new continent, Port Gatri grew with unparalleled speed, to the point where it now rivals even the capitol itself. The region contains farmland more fertile than most could imagine, mines rich beyond belief, rare herbs in abundance, and danger. Lots and lots of danger. The entire continent is covered with a supposedly cursed forest, one that is being reclaimed one mile at a time. Unknown dangers riddle the land, along with the boundless known dangers of orcs and goblins.

In order to face these mysteries, the Explorers’ Guild was founded. Its purpose was self-evident. Explore the cursed forests of Theradar and report back so they can be countered. In time, the guild attracted people of many talents, from scouts to thieves, to investigators and assassins, and the tasks they took on grew in diversity as well. Today, the Explorers make up one of the most powerful guilds in the entire city, though internal divisions within the guild keep them from exerting that power.

However, being an Explorer is as dangerous a job as you can ask for. Only the most desperate, the most foolhardy, and the most glory-hungry apply. Or perhaps the most courageous, the most cunning, and the most talented. Though some call that particular lot delusional. This is the story of a team four such
”Young” is not a requirement. A slight preference, yes, but no biggie.
young Explorers, and the adventures they faced together.

Alright, here we go. I'm accepting four people for a sneaky-type 3.5 game. Maybe more. Maybe a lot more. Probably not.

And finally, all applications go in the thread in this link.

I'm going to make my decisions on Memorial Day. Get your application in by then, or at least get word to me.

I'm afraid of Princess Tutu.

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Highly interested, and yet highly intimidated. You certainly know what you want.

Quick question, would you bend the rules and allow a lawfully aligned bard? Or if not, a neutral aligned
What I'm getting at is a Monk/Bard multi-class. I know it sounds weird, but there's a good back-story, promise.

Ok, I'm definitely interested, and have tentative interest towards playing a Warlock (Dubious, I know, but it is still subject to change). I'm going to finish reading the OP and throw up an application sometime tomorrow.

I'm also seriously tempted to run a high dex Factotum of the non-spell casting variant and equip him with a whip. Probably not going to happen, but tempted anyway.

[Edit]I'm probably going to run with either Changeling or Raptorian for race, but if I wanted to try out a Necropolitan, would he then start out at level 2 instead? The race description in Libris Mortis specifically says that it does not have a Level Adjustment, but the ritual to become it costs a level. So I'm curious about your thoughts there.

With your Linguistics skill how exactly does that work when buying languages? For every point I put into it do I get a language, improved decipher script ability, and forgery skills? Or does one have to put so many points into before picking up a new language?


And, yea, I'm interested

Wow, that is one detailed advertisement... I like it. =P

I'm definitely interested in this game. My thoughts at the moment are a Psychic Rogue going for an investigator/skill whore (I can never get enough skill points, but with this consolidated list I'll sure try. =P). I'll likely focus on more passive powers like Empathy, Sense Link, and Control Light. Hmm, I'm not really sure if I should have used the word passive for that sentence. I mean all those powers require concentration and I can't really call that passive; can I? Alas, I'm too tired to really consider an alternative so I suppose I shall just have to leave it as is. I'm definitely leaning towards lawful good at the moment, but I may switch that up to lawful neutral based on how I take his/her history.

*Grumbles* I'd love to start working on this right now, but unfortunately it's getting a bit absurdly late here, so I'm afraid I'll have to put it off until tomorrow. I should be sticking almost entirely in core (despite my pile of books) if for no other reason than to keep things simple. Off the top of my head, the only thing outside core I'm considering is the Investigator feat from EBCS, but I'm gonna have to read that rather than go off of my memory (come to think of it, I'm not even sure if that is the name of the feat I want... =P).

Alright, I should have something posted tomorrow, at the very least a rough outline of what kind of character I'll be making.


Wow, that's one hell of an advertisement!

I am highly interested, ideas include Warmage, Wild Shape Ranger, Scout and Divine Bard, all Human, of course.

Revision: I am already playing too many casters, so it should be something without spells. Monk sounds good! Do you allow Martial Monks? They exchange a skill point and knowledge skills for Intimidate and access to Fighter Feats.

I'll give a write up of my assassin rogue character sometime tomorrow, it's late for me, and I have an exam later today; however, look forward it nonetheless :P

Ooooh, mes loves them high-int-y rogueish characters. I may be signing up with some wits-based NE nihilistic (Not suicidal, I'm talking morals here) sneak sometime soon.

Ok, I've got a fun idea for a warlock - and I'm thinking about how to fit him into this campaign better.

He will probably be Changeling - which will help a bit, but a Warlock is still a tad too combat focused. Though, perhaps it's not a matter of him being too combat effective so much as being to short on skill points. So, while I have yet to figure details - would it be appropriate to reduce his Eldritch Blast progression or BAB progression for either additional skill points or else additional invocations?

(Oh, and I'm still interested in the Necropolitan question.)

VV, you just combined two of my favorites in one game, and you'll definitely be hearing from me in the near future.

Still not sure what I'm going to do, specially since spellcasting isn't that hot at low levels. But I'll get back to it.


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