World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Thank you to Farland.


"Oh look honey -- for Christmas this year instead of getting you jewelry, I got Galadwen a nice new +1 flaming burst longsword!"

Originally Posted by Squeak

"Oh look honey -- for Christmas this year instead of getting you jewelry, I got Galadwen a nice new +1 flaming burst longsword!"
You're just mad because she knows the rules better than you.

But that is a darn good idea, and her birthday is in a few days. Hmm, ryator, would you protest if her first level character in Stor-Gris started with a few magic weapons? It might save me some cash.

her first level character in Stor-Gris started with a few magic weapons? It might save me some cash.
Ha! As long as I'd be standing behind her and wasn't her target, sounds just fine by me!

Helga kick ass...

Why do I ALWAYS miss out on the important and coolest threads. My eyes are going bad for sure or maybe it is the d20 Ric lent me for my spot 'cool thread' checks, with the three 1's on it and no 20, 19 or 18. Just kidding. I spend most all of my online time in IC posts and don't frequent these OOC threads as much as I really should.

I have only been a part of Farlandworld for a short time. A little more then a year is all. In that time, Farlandworld as well as the campaign Eastern Intrigues has become my most favorite of all. I can only imagine how much fun a table-top campaign set in Farlandworld would be.

Ric, kudos to you man for having the patience and more so the perseverance to put together such an awesome world.

If anyone ever needs a mediocre player with lots of heart for the game to fill a small gap in your Farland campaign please let me know.

*I know...shameless plug. Well what do you expect...networking is the best way to find the best jobs and the best campaigns. *

Galadwen, I'm sorry this is so belated...Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great birthday.

I'm sorry to hear the book has finally closed on the Lords of the West. If it is ok, I will like to read through it...if that is what Ric's link in one of his first posts is for.

In memory of your game ending I will post one of my favorite poems. It was written by J.R.R. Tolkien and given to his secretary. It wasn't until after he died that she showed it to anyone. It speaks of Bilbo's journey to the West which is appropriate for your game.

Original poem by J.R.R. Tolkien:

Bilbo's Last Song (At the Grey Havens)

Day is ended, dim my eyes,
but journey long before me lies.
Farewell, friends! I hear the call.
The ship's beside the stony wall.
Foam is white and waves are grey;
beyond the sunset leads my way.
Foam is salt, the wind is free;
I hear the rising of the Sea.

Farewell, friends! The sails are set,
the wind is east, the moorings fret.
Shadows long before me lie,
beneath the ever-bending sky,
but islands lie behind the Sun
that I shall raise ere all is done;
lands there are to west of West,
where night is quiet and sleep is rest.

Guided by the Lonely Star,
beyond the utmost harbour-bar,
I'll find the havens fair and free,
and beaches of the Starlit Sea.
Ship, my ship! I seek the West,
and fields and mountains ever blest.
Farewell to Middle-earth at last.
I see the Star above your mast!
and for the more discerning elvish (Sindarin)

Glr Vedui Bilvon

Methen arad, vi hen hith,
dan i lend and caeda no nin.
Navaer, mellyn! Laston i gaun,
dartha i gair ne gondren ram.
Gwing n glan a falvath mith,
athan Annn tg men nn.
Gwing n singren, i hl lain,
laston i orthad e-Gaear.

Navaer! Cirrevail herthennin,
i 'waew o thrn, engwidh girir.
Morchaint end caedar no nin
din ui-pennol gwilith si.
Dan tyll gaedar athan Anor,
i chenithon, ir pan agor;
drath ned Annn Annui,
ias d dnen, a lostad sdh.

I nGl Ereb aphadol,
ennas, thar i aphalan lond,
i grbann vain hirithon
a felais e-nGilaearon.
A cair nn! Revio n'Annn,
na berth, n'eryd ui-gailu!
Navaer, Ennor, na-vedui,
or dulf nn i nGl cenin.

Great poem, Kanavel, and thanks for being such a great player. If you lived closer to Delaware, there would definitely be a chair saved for you.

For now, we shall just have to say: here's to much more gaming fun to come! \m/

P.S. And Kany, if you want to read about the LOW campaign in all its massive glory, start here.

Hey -- I've got a few
Note that these aren't original, but swiped.
poems as well, written by Boddynipple Fartnocker, gnomish bard extra-ordinaire. He sported a purple mowhawk and was a really bad
His bardic perform skill was comedy.

"Everybody's got a water buffalo,
Yours is fast and mine is slow.
Where'd you'd get him I don't know
but everybody's got a water buffalo-ooo!

Took my buffalo to the store,
got his head stuck in the door.
Now I can't go there any more,
but everybody's got a water buffalo-ooo!"

and then of course, there is the infamous "Love my Lips" song as well

If my lips ever left my mouth,
packed a bag and headed south,
that'd be too bad,
I'd be so sad.

If my lips said "adios",
I don't like you
I think you're gross,
that'd be too bad,
I might get mad

When I was just two years old
I left my lips out in the cold
and they turned blue.
what could I do?

On the day I got my tooth,
I had to kiss my Great Aunt Ruth.
She had a beard ...
and it felt weird.

Yabadaba do da ding
baat da boo da bada bo
I love my lips.


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