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Heroes Apply Here: A Preview

Heroes Apply Here: Preview - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Estimated Members Requested: Up to 6

IntroThe word has been passed all over Argos, by the mouths of criers and the posters on the wall of every tavern on the planet: Darsennia--one of the most the seclusive nations ever to claim land on Thelgradie--has decided to open up their rich coffers and has begun hiring mercenaries to supplement their military. Not only do they pay double the salary of any other outfit, but they reimburse all travel expenses. It is just too much of a good deal to pass up!

At least, that is what you thought before you started the journey. Now, six months of rolling miserable torment on the cramped, smelly, Darsennian-supplied transport barge lateryou *finally* catch sight of the trade city Barter, jewel of Darsennia. It's about frakkin' time--you were seriously beginning to consider jumping overboard just to avoid yet another week of bland gruel and sweaty bunkmate...

Game Info

This game runs through the adventurers of a band of mercenaries hired by the Darsennian government to aid them in a time of conflict. This is a fairly low-magic-item campaign that is heavily houseruled, as detailed here. We start at level 1, and I do not have a set end in mind yet but I would like to think we will run into the upper teens before we are through.

My intentions are for this to be a game of international intrigue and cross-cultural shock hilarity as the players move through the lands and are exposed to a wide variety of philosophies and cultures. It is my sincere hope that players will have many opportunities to make difficult ethical decisions in the course of their travels. This campaign setting will eventually be the setting for a new game system I am working on writing, but that's not going to be done for a while so I'm giving this campaign setting a run while I work.

Setting Info

The game starts off in Darsennia, though it is by no means limited to that nation. I like to give my players as much freedom as possible, and if you want to switch sides or move somewhere else after the game starts you are free to, though I would prefer you stick to Thelgradie if possible. Players are free to make up any locale outside of Thelgradie that they want as they write their stories, or can choose to be a natural citizen of Thelgradie. My only restriction is that no character my be from Darsennia--the socialist system employed by that country precludes the existance of Darsennian mercenaries.

Selection and Application

I will be judging applicants based on writing skills, with close ties being decided by applicant history on MW. I would prefer player that are able to post once every one or two days, though of course I am perfectly tolerant of stints where real life interjects and you have to post less frequently. Be warned, though--if you do not give at least a general idea of what you want to do and leave for an extended period, your character will stand and drool even as the world crumbles around him.

I will not be trying to build a well-rounded team--a group of six rogues works just as well as your usual fighter/cleric/mage/rogue party. I am playing with the idea of tossing an NPC with a party that fills an obvious hole, to use as a literary device to draw players' attention to different aspects of the game and as a backdrop to the setting. Regardless, I will create challenges for the players with special attention paid to making sure every player is important and has a chance to use their skills.

Character Creation Specifics

Starting Level: 1
Starting Gold: 100
Allowed Races: Anything you can plae as an ECL 1 character. Heck, I'll even allow some racial classes, but outsiders not available for play. Some races may already exist in the world--ask ahead of time and I can give details.
Allowed Classes: Any, but spellcasting classes have been heavily modified, and may merit some adjustment here or there.
Traits/Flaws: Max one of each
Allowed Sources: I own pretty much every 3.5 book in existence, and will allow you to draw from virtually any source, written, online or otherwise. However, I reserve the right to nerf or ban whatever I want (even if it is WotC published) on a case-by-case basis, so you still have to ask if you want to do something really esoteric. Further, in an effort to spare my sanity, I ask that you restrict yourself to the Core (PHB, PHBII, DMG, MM), the Magic Item Compendium, the Spell Compendium, Magic of Incarnum, and at most three or four more sources so I don't have to book-jump too much. Oh, and please make sure to document what source your stuff comes from if it isn't Core

Note that there is a lot of stuff from Magic of Incarnum in this game. While this is the case, players are certainly not required to own this book or even have a passing knowledge of incarnum regardless of what class they play--I will supply any relevant info required.

Application Forms:

This thread only exists as a place where player can express interest. I will make a private thread where players can submit their characters, with the following sort of outline:

Personality: This can also be in spoiler tags.
Background: This can also be in spoiler tags.

I do not need a character sheet until you've been accepted. Nor will premade character sheet be given better chances.

Closing Time: Hrm...let's give it two weeks or so unless the recruiting thread is still buzzing by then. So I'll tentatively say we close Saturday, May 30.

Disclaimer: I have been influenced by pretty much every game I have ever played, and you are likely to find little familiar chunks here and there if you have similar gaming experience to me. I acknowledge this ahead of time and apologize for any unintentional slights. If you feel I need to credit something, send me a PM and I'll see about it.

Game Description:

I am designing a new game system, and this is the campaign setting I am making for it. Rather than wait until I finally get the other system all written out, I am going to run a campaign in this setting with good ol' 3.5 rules, albiet with a healthy dose of houseruling. So, if you want to play a campaign that allows almost anything, starts a level 1, and continues for an indeterminate amount of time in a rich campaign setting, this is your game.

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Application Forms:

Name: Rene Janenson
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Personality: A very friendly person who enjoys the company of people and animals alike. She enjoys walks in nature and can sometimes be rather quiet when something bothers her. She can be quite talkitive as well and can often get herself out of tough situations with her calm nature and natural feminine charm.

Background: Rene came from a small hamlet that particularly focused on farming. Rene never liked farming and often wandered the village befriending animals and helping them get better. One day She met a injured wolf pup in the woods near her home of Farlan and brought it home and hid it from her parents. She raised the pup to adulthood and she was tied to the wolf ever sense. She named it Nijmo after a strong species of fish that populates the lakes around the hamlet. Since then she trained to become a druid under guidance of a local group of elves that traveled to the village periodically. She lived in her village but went off 2-3 days a week to train with the elven druids. She also worked on the farm and in her hamlet and became a good farmer as well although she did not like it. Today she is a well respected druid in her community who looks out for wild life and farm life alike; although she craves to adventure some day.

How she came to be here:Then one day she heard through word of mouth that the island nation Darsennia was recruiting mercenaries and she decided to to sign up and hope that she would be able to aid the animals and people of the empire

The writing is pretty solid, although...why is Rene traveling to Darsennia for mercenary work? She seems more like a Farm [Girl] than a sellsword

I love Incarnum, but level 1? Totemist can't do anything at level 1. T_T Stupid totem chakra being level 2.....

Hmn.... Do you allow psionics? Do you enforce multi-classing penalties? Psychic warrior intending to multi-class totemist, maybe?

Maybe she feels that her skills could be put to use to help others ? A personal quest to help animals and people who are suffering

Name: Baelrock "Dark Axe" Formerly of Clan Stonehelm.

Race: Dwarven

Class: Swordsage

Personality: Gruff and bitter, all but suicidal, he trudges on through life with only one purpose. Revenge. The years of lonely travel have made him terse and cold. His lack of manners is overshadowed only by his pragmatism. For all his lack of caring he is always good on his word. Only the promise of information on the last of the twelve drives him on, and so he travels in search of it...His last adversary.

Background: Baelrock has spent the last thirteen years hunting. Once a prominent member of the ironclad traders of Clan Stonehelm, he and his brother were attacked while scouting ahead of the group through a mountain pass. Twenty hobgoblins ambushed them in a mountain pass. The brothers managed to down eight, but eventually they were overwhelmed. Both were impaled on trees and left for dead. It was only by sheer force of will Baelrock managed to pull the jagged spear from his own chest. It was too late for his brother. He crawled as far as he could, but in the end darkness took him. As darkness fell over him, he swore to his brothers spirit he would avenge him. He awoke in the forest, completely healed except for a scar he would forever carry on his chest from the spear. Thirteen years has brought him eleven souls closer to avenging his brother. Only one more...then he can finally rest.

Artistshipper: Yes psionics are allowed, with full magic/psionic transparency. Multi-classing penalties will not be enforced, unless you go completely crazy. Try to keep it to three base classes or less . Do try to remember that you won't be level 1 forever. Patience is a virtue...

Shadoweaver: Whatever reason you want to give her is fine, I just wanted to know what you were thinking.

LucianV: Yep, ToB is allowed. If you were wondering . Damage dice for maneuvers will be halved the same as spells and powers, however.


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