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The Wide World - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
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Game Description:

[The Wide World]
Hear ye hear ye, the Duke of Emington calls for a crew of brave adventurers to undertake a daring mission, to make the world entire. A world mapped exists not, and to map the world is a heroic undertaking. Whatsoever group brings unto his lordship a map of the world complete to his liking shall find them rewarded handsomely with land and title to rule. All that apply shall be given free kit for maps.

[Game Master]
Me myself and I, the incredible Zolem!

[Game Explanation]
The world is a big, wide unexplored place, filled with danger, monsters, and just the hazard of weather. It’s no wonder most maps detail so little of the world. The Duke Ignolias of Emington finds that a shame, and so sent forth a call to heroes to map the world in exchange for riches, nobility, and land. As they travel the world, the heroes will face new challenges, explore bizarre new locations, and meet amazing creatures, and if they survive those new creatures find fabulous treasures.

This is basically a ‘dungeon of the week’ type game. The heroes find themselves in a new place facing a new challenge each adventure. There is an overall reaching plot of mapping the world, and plots specific to characters will be addressed, but over all there is nothing linking that crypt of ghouls from the last adventure to the demon cultists of the next.

Role-playing, tactics, and hack and slash are all equally important to this game. As such, you need to be well rounded to fully enjoy the game. If you prefer one or the other that is fine with me, just don’t get bored when we aren’t focusing on what you enjoy.

[Application Process]
Looking for a party of 5-6

To apply simply post the following:
Name (with link to character sheet)
Race/Class (for quick reference)
Appearance (2+ sentences, pictures must not stand alone)
Background (A minimum of a paragraph, and it must contain the name of your place of birth, some info about your family, how you came to be a member of your class, and why you decided to take on this dangerous quest. Please try to keep it under 6+ paragraphs.)
Questions are welcome.

[Character Creation]
The Phb1&2, MP, and AP books are legal.
Edit: I just got Adventureres Vault, so that's legal now too.
You may be any non E or CE alignment.
The following monster races are legal:

  • Warforged
  • Goblin
  • Hobgoblin
  • Gnoll
Since it is boring to start off at level 1, and such a low lever character would never attempt something like this anyway, all characters start off at level 3 using the standard array.

For equipment, you have one magic item of level 4, one of 3, one of 2, and 520gp to buy anything else.

Please excuse letter shifts in words, I have acute dyslexia.
Daro Hammerfist
Emel Plow
I'll present a cartographer extraordinaire:

This sounds pretty cool. I'd be interested. I assume we're just supposed to make up the details of where we're from from scratch? I'll add in a sheet in just a bit. Got a sheet up and the required information for the character. Gonna fill out the other various details (such as information on his familiar and the like) over the next day or so. If there's any other information you need, feel free to let me know and I'll edit. One quick query: what kind of post rate are you aiming for for this game?

Name: Rosseau Dublith
Race/Class: Human Wizard
Appearance: Rosseau has no especially striking features; he is somewhat short and not especially well-built, with fair skin and long black hair tied back in a rather long ponytail. His clothing is somewhat expensive-looking, a white hoodless robe with sky blue accents on the cuffs and collar over a simple white shirt (which naturally cannot be seen) and white slacks with more sky blue accents near the ends. He wears extravagant-looking white leather boots, and is usually seen carrying a faintly glowing staff and with a mundane (non-magical) tome at his side.
Background: Rosseau was born to the noble house of Dublith in the human city of Nasgran, just a few days by caravan north of Emington. An exceptionally bright child, Rosseau was gifted in being born to this family, as he had the money to obtain a proper education.

His mother and father, both nobles with considerable status, generally encouraged Rosseau's studies, even when it became clear that he had an affinity for the arcane and went to study under the tutorage of a local elven wizard named Sheemas. It was during his late teen years, while mastering the basics of wizardry that he began to realize his calling in life: he wished to be a lorekeeper, or a collector of knowledge. Put simply, he wants to know the unknown. And there is a lot of unknown in his world. This is why, against the wishes of his parents, he has abandoned his life as a noble and responded to the call of Duke Ignolias, as he sees it as a prime opportunity to collect all sorts of knowledge that he could not possibly acquire on his own. Further, Rosseau's ultimate goal is to use the knowledge, land, power, and wealth he accumulated during his adventures to establish a grand library, wherein he will share his wealth of knowledge with the populace. If he is able, he would also like to establish a university open to all, regardless of wealth or social status, and possibly a museum to showcase all the rare artifacts and items seen or acquired throughout the adventure. This aspiring young scholar has taken his first step into a larger world.

I guess a Ranger or a Druid would be pretty useful in such a campaign. Or maybe a Shaman too. Hmmm, so many choices...

Race/Class: Deva / Druid

Ages ago, when the world was young and the Gods and Primordials still warred for dominion over it, there existed more deities than those that dwell in the astral plane now. One such, Molead the Earth Lord, was struck down by an unknown assailant. Nearly all of Molead's host of Archons and Devas were destroyed in the conflict, and the vast majority of those that were not perished in grief and despair with the fall of their master. Seven, though deeply wounded by the loss of their lord, survived the destruction of Molead. Orach was one of the Seven.

Paralyzed by sadness, Orach existed in a fugue state until well after the rise of the Primal spirits and the withdrawal of the Gods and Primordials from the mortal plane. Eons passed and Orach existed as nothing more than a disembodied soul in what was once a holy place of Molead the Rockfather. Slowly the plants and animals of the natural world crept into the barren fastness, and their spirits brushed the Deva. With each touch he could hear the voices of the Primal spirits of the world. Those half heard whispers drew Orach forth, leading him to once more put on physical form and seek them out. Following the call of the Beast, he climbed out of what had become a mausoleum to a long dead god and beheld a world much changed from the one he once knew. And so began a journey that would span many lifetimes.

Orach has only existed a few years in his current incarnation. In that time he has traveled the edges of civilization until finally arriving in Emington. A wanderer by nature, the Deva found the Duke's call to explore and by doing so help others a perfect opportunity.

Orach serves the Primal Beast in much the way that other Deva's serve their deities. As such he is a passionate protector of the natural world and a ceaseless hunter of the creatures and forces that would do it harm. At a deeper level, he still holds the precepts of Molead dear: to revere the land, to do good works by strength of will and heart, and to protect those that lack the strength to protect themselves. He constantly seeks a path that marries the two ideologies.

Kind and with a deep supply of patience, Orach has a warm demeanor that is only slightly tinged by the lingering sadness from his lost god.

Orach is pale like chalk, with blue patterns on his upper body. His eyes are a pale grey bordering on white and his blue hair is short and spiky, almost like quills. He is tall and thin, like most Deva, but dressed in the simple cloth and skin of a typical druid, though perhaps constructed in a slightly otherworldly manner.

When wildshaped he invariably takes on a form similar to a bulette with coloring like his own.

-Orach has never learned who or what struck down Molead. Any hint as to the culprit would spur him into a life long quest to avenge the dead god.
-Orach knows he has 6 surviving siblings, but has no idea what has become of them. In dark moments he fears they have become Rakshasa.
-An immortal who is forever reborn but can never truly reproduce, Orach's nature is fundamentally alien to the natural world he embraces, a point other followers of Primal spirits waste no time raising with him. Sometimes violently.

@Free Range: I plan to accept aplications untill the end of the month.

@Magil: I would hope for people to post either once a day or at least check in daily; but I wont't be too stict about it. I also liked your idea to list which book powers are from. I won't require it, but it is apreciated. And yes, feel free to make it up from scratch, it encourages creativity and gives me more material to work with.

This game is exactly what me and my friend have been looking for! Posting some extreme interest. Expect a half-orc Barbarian profile up later today in this space!

Query: Are we allowed to take items from the Adventurer's Vault (provided we provide you with the details?)

All done, here's my character. Sorry his background is so long; I trimmed it down as much as I could but it's still pretty darn long. Ironically I typically only ever write short bios, this time I just really got into this character. That's a good thing, though! Btw, this is a joint-bio with SaveVsDm's character "Xavian Starsong," so expect his submission later.

Name: Vargas Strakenberg, “The Crimson Avalanche,” Rusk
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Barbarian

Reserving a space for a Halfling Sorcerer. I'm at school right now, I'll fill this in later. Bells about to ring.
Look below! I'm done!
Name: Shimon Volk
Race/Class: Halfling Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Appearance: Shimon is thin and wiry, barely tall enough to reach most tables. He dresses with a ratty cloak concealing the finer items underneath him. Several scorch marks cover his clothing from the unfortunate side effects of his magic.
Shimon was born in the small town of Faral, to common parents. They were visited one day by a being, heavily cloaked and who appeared to be leaking different elements from his body. The being touched Shimon's mother's stomach when she was still pregnant and a flash occured. The being spoke in a tongue unheard around the parts then disappeared. When Shimon was born he seemed normal enough and the event was discounted as unimportant. At age 3, Shimon summoned a small burst of light that caused in his parents a large headache. They took him to the local temple and left him there for the priests to take care of. They raised him for a time then shipped him to the Duke after they determined he might know better to do with the now very destructive youth. The Duke put him under the tutelage of the court mage, Grano, who taught him a bit more about the arcane fabrics. Shimon is now undertaking this quest as a way of repaying the duke for allowing him to stay in the court and learn.

@ Asuril: I got the book this mornign actualy, so consider it legal as of now.


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