UFO Defense...needs a scientist

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UFO Defense...needs a scientist

UFO Defense - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 1

The last one was eaten. Well, his brains got eaten.

Welcome to UFO Defense and the research ship Oregon. The ship is a state of the art floating laboratory filled with the latest technology. It is an eggheads dream! Really, it is. You should see the toys.

Earning the position of Chief Scientist on this nerd's cruise ship will get you semi private quarters, shared only with frozen and dissected samples of unearthly life forms. Plus your own shower, if you decide to take one.

And if you get tired of these samples, don't worry, there are plenty of Squaddies to add samples to the freezer. Some of them have actually become samples. Almost a never ending supply.

This is an all expenses paid voyage of a lifetime! So come on, pull out your protractor and apply today!


We would like to offer a spot on the team for a narrator with strong forensic/medical/sci-fi/nerd abilities. If you would like to see the Earth defending action, this link will take you to the forum. If you would like to play, put a note here and I will get back to you. Here is a sample of the writing you will be conjuring:

Originally Posted by Moonstone Spider View Post
Report Number: AL00003
Type: Sample Analysis, Chitin Starship Hull Plating
Recovered from Operation: Battle Site Nikua Island 1
Reporting Agency: ALOHA
Team Lead: Dr. Natasha Badenov

Begin Time: 08:20

Progress continues on the Examination of the Chitin Fragment. The current round of experiments have been to determine any chemical vulnerabilities and reactions. No significant chemical weaknesses have been found. Aqua Regia will cut through it eventually and it discolors and oxidizes on exposure to extremely high quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide but appears to suffer no permanent damage. Chemical weapons appear to be either ineffective or require ingredients so rare and expensive as to be prohibitive.
The most significant discovery has been that the Chitin will actually grow when immersed in a solution of salts of it's constituent chemicals and heated to 560 degrees celsius. This initially led to the conclusion that the Chitin is actually a living, organic compound but deep examination showed that it is, in fact, a multi-layered crystal construct that grows by attaching new compounds at the end of the extremely long polymer chains.

As of yet, this research is insufficient to actually manufacture Chitin. The growth was uncontrolled and took random crystalline directions, producing an inferior structure. Once the mechanism for controlling the pattern of Growth is found, however, it appears that manufacturing will be easier than previously thought, involving merely large tanks with control computers and supplies of the appropriate salt.

END TIME: 18:20
Just a note, Dr Badenov has not been eaten, yet.

Game Description:

Player assumes the role of the busy administrator of a super secret base located on the Earth that is. Each player will have admin and operation control over assets at their base. Their purpose and actions are to defend Earth from a hostile extra-terrestrial invasion, meanwhile keeping such covert actions far from the public eye. Selected players will not only take care of strategic and administrative issues but will conduct narrative autopsies and tactical operations involving tactical raids, base defense, and UFO shoot downs. Also, expect to use the Shoutbox periodically"Well, let's just see what they brought me today" Doc Clark mumbled as he unzipped the body bag. "Hmm" a slightly surprised utterance. This was not the first time the Doc started procedure on a Grey, but the interesting thing about this particular little guy was the third eye located on its bulbous forehead. Grabbing his digital recorder the Doc began:

"Uh, wait....damn thing..., ah ok, there it is...yeah, 27 December, 2130hrs, Gamma Base labs, Autopsy on bipedal specimen, cat. number 003456. Initial observation and examination procedure on deceased extra-terrestrial, type, Grey" The Doc paused, grabbed a long specialized instrument and began poking into a small whole in the Grey's chest...continuing "Looks like Grey was subjected to trauma in the upper torso from...yep, 5.56mm NATO...."

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