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June's Challenge Suggestions

June's Challenge Suggestions

Ah, June, sweet June! The birth month of:

Marquis De Sade and Marilyn Monroe
George Bush and Donald Duck
Dr. Ruth and Mike Tyson
Sir Paul McCartney and Boy George
Jean Paul Sartre and King Henry VIII

And, more importantly than all of these, the suggestions for
MWWG's June Short Story Competition Extravaganza!

Here are the holdovers from May that have been seconded (or more):
Champion (3)
Energy (2)
Fear (5)
Waiting (4)
War (2)
Greed (2)

We have a few holdovers from May and before that can be seconded or added to:

Blood and Flesh
D&D nerds
Flickr Pic
Information Processing
Monster Movies
New Life
World News takeoffs

I thought we'd give it all our best consideration and second a few suggestions, or make a few new ones, until May 26th, Tuesday, 3PM. At that point, I'll pick the five biggest vote-getters and we'll run off a final vote until May 29th, noon. Sound good?

I'm not going to make any new suggestions. I think we have enough of those.

I'm going to second (or third, in one case) Champion, Fear, and War.

I will write about anything.

I stand by Pharmaceuticals, because there is a story that Agricolus really sparked into me, and I want to write it, but I'll write it anyway, whether you guys are involved or not. Eventually...

I just now voted for Waiting, as I have an idea that is very melancholy, very introspective... maybe sick (hehehe)

A Long Con, a Con Man, or a cunning con in general. I have no seconds to add... maybe latter

Originally Posted by Annalia View Post
Hey, June's my birth month too!

I will second Greed and Fear. Y'know, happy emotions.
Happy birthday, Annalia.

And Greed and Fear as happy emotions. I'll have to pontificate that one for a bit. I had never thought of them that way before.

Count my vote in for fear and/or waiting.

Agricolus, thank you for keeping the Guild alive. It has been way too quiet the past month or two. We need to get some new life into this place. Fire up the machine and raise the lightning rods. It's alive!

Here are the winners for June - let's vote on them in this thread from here on down:

Fear (5)
Waiting (4)
Champion (3)
War (2)
Greed (2)
Energy (2)

We'll add the losers to the rest of the list next month. And if anyone has a neat idea, like Kerrz's Flickr Pics, please suggest it! Here's and idea - special kudos to anyone who can assimilate two or more characters who exhibit more than one of the themes - for instance, a greedy guy fighting a champion, or such.

Just vote on the #1 theme from these 7, and we'll crown the victor Friday at noon! I'll start them all over at zero for now.

Maybe, just maybe, we can have a contest later in the year - a panel of judges, voting on our stories (after reading submissions of), as the funniest, most horrific, most compelling, strangest, most tear-jerking, etc.

Oh, and please excuse the look of the hall of fame - the strange pic of the pig and the child captured my imagination. WW - if you wish, change them!


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