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June's Challenge Suggestions

Agricolus are you putting up a poll or do we just give a shout out.

My vote goes for Fear

Eh! That way I can write about myself.

It's actually a poll. If we had all 20 or so subjects, we'd be forever thinning them all out. Maybe we could have a competition this year, and let each person pick their own theme, but declare it first, and see how we all stick to each of our themes!

Or a dialect theme - choose a language or dialect for your characters, and write in that dialect!

Here's where I'll keep the vote tallies - I thought of making it a "Vote Thread", but I think there's a limit to the number of votes the data base will accept.

Fear (2)
Waiting (1)
Greed (1)
Champion (1)
War (1)
Pharmaceuticals (2)

I voted for waiting, myself - I can think of some dark things that have to do with that, and I'm in a Lovecraftian mood....

I'm going to vote for War and hope we don't end up with just one vote for every theme.


In the event of a strange tie. Champion.

pharmaceuticals for me please

So . . . Pharmaceuticals or Fear? We have two votes for the latter, though only one is counted in the tally. June first is tomorrow, so we need to know what we're writing about. Of course, we could do both . . .


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