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Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Many of us are Familiar with this little story about Tamriel, aren't we? As such, I propose a Game to play it through. I'm looking for 4-6 players to play Oblivion, D&D style. Obviously if you've played the game you will have more information about storyline, but having played the game is not a requirement

Game Master
Me, Uror

My Book/Race lists is provided below, and you can ask me for basically any lore about the world

32 point buy, and we'll be rolling for HP after first level. Prisoners start off with nothing but the clothes on their backs (not very nice clothes, either), while blades (as Tsu mentioned a few might be) will have banded mail and a Bastard sword (Akaviri Katana), possibly a shortsword and a torch as well

Game Description:

This is a game that will be based on the fourth installment of the elder scrolls series, commonly Referred to as "Oblivion". as such, the following races (and what their stats actually are) are shown here:

Dunmer (Half-Drow stats)
Altmer (High Elf)
Bosmer (Wood Elf)
Orsimer (Orc)
Breton (Half-Elf)
Redguard (Human)
Argonian (Lizardfolk with no Racial HD)
Nord (Neanderthal)
Kahjit (Catfolk)
Imperial (Human)
Akiviri (Human)
Half-Orc (Half-Orc)
Half-Elf (Half-Elf)

If you wish to make another race, I will allow it if it makes sense

This version of the game will take place along the main storyline of oblivion, but you will have all other things open to you such as the fighter's guild, the Thieve's guild, and the dark brotherhood. also, don't feel constrained to stay in Cyrodiil - This is techincally Dungeons and Dragons, and as such you may move from place to place as much as you like. On top of this, this being Dungeons and Dragons means that I will be inserting Side Quests into the game for you take on. I wish to take this game from level 1 to about Level 15.

That said, My books are as follows:

All "Races" Books (including Eberron and Faerun), "Complete" Series, Core, PHB II, Heroes of Horror/Battle, Environmentals (Frostburn, Stormwrack, Sandstorm), Exalted Deeds, Vile Darkness, Planar handbook, Weapons of legacy, Savage Species, Tome of Magic, Libris Mortis, Drow of the Underdark, Fiend Folio, Arms and Equipment Guide, DMG II, MM II-IV, Lords of Madness, Draconomicon, Eberron/Forgotten Realms Campaign setting, Oriental Adventures (for the akiviri among us), Unearthed Arcana (LA buyoff supported!), Tome of Battle

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Awesome idea. I am in. I played Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, but I never played the 4th one. Maybe that's a good thing.

Name: Surlan Oak Tallgrass

Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Neutral Good

I am very interested haven't played the game in a while but I really enjoyed it.

ApplicationName: Davion Kanth
Race: Imperial (Human)
Fighter: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Ex-military, dishonorably discharged for insubordination. Originally enlisted with a couple childhood friends (Drake and Demrick) for the experience, money and honor. One day on one of the many roads leading to the capital Davion and his friends were patrolling and came up on a band of bandits attacking some merchants. Rushing to the aid of the merchants they were ambushed by some more bandits that were to keep any merchants from escaping. The three of them rushed by a patch of brushes and a tree when Demrick was taken out by one of the bandits that jumped out of a tree, a dagger slipping in between gaps in his armor. Drake reared his horse around to face this new threat and took out the first assailant. Davion continued to try and save the merchants and took out one of the bandits in a ride by, he dismounted immediately afterwords since Davion felt more comfortable fighting on his own feet. With the merchants to his back he found himself surrounded by five bandits. Before any of them made a move he heard Drake scream in agony as a maul crushes his chest plate. Davion turned and was struck on the back of the head and the next thing he knew he was in an Imperial Infirmary.
His commanders informed him that his friends and the merchants were killed and Davion was left for dead. When Davion requested that they send out a hunting party to destroy the bandits but was denied his request. When Davion assaulted other soldiers to steal equipment to go exact revenge himself he was thrown in the prison.
Enraged over the deaths of his comrades and friends Davion feels that it was his fault that they died and hated his superiors for not taking retribution. Davion is reserved around most people but can get out of hand especially when drinking. Now he is quick to anger and quicker to pull steel.
Davion was an ideal foot soldier, physically well built he looks like any soldier in the Imperial Army but now is mentally unsuited to work in any military. He has short light brown hair that many soldiers have to avoid visual hindrance. His eyes are hazel with blue streaks radiating from his iris. His usual attire is a simple tunic and pantaloons other than his armor.

hehe, pantaloons...

looks like a good character concept, well done.what Rank was Davion and his buddies?

So how are you handling game mechanics like spells and what not? Are you just running the world on 3.5 rules or adding things? And Items?

I'm running the world on straight 3.5 rules - it works, I believe, with no changes to the lore. All items you find in books now are being used in the world - there's always going to be new enchantments and spells - But I will be adding new items as you come across them that fit in with the world, as any good DM does

My list of acceptable races is in the game description, but I suppose an Illumian could work; if you start off as a human regarding your backstory. I mean, you might have been changed through arcane force, right? Don't expect to find any more Illumians in the world though if you don't work them into your backstory initially

"new enchantments and spells" means you can come up with some of your own. say, you decide to play a warlock - you can come up with some of your own invocations, as long as I say they are balanced for how you are placing them

as a final note, If you guys are willing, I won't be ending it with where the main storyline end in oblivion - I'll show you the aftermath of Tamriel

Some races listed have level adjustment, (Lizardfolk, Catfolk) how are you handling this while starting at 1st level?

you can have your LA at first level, but you will advance more slowly than your party members for it. there is no other issue - you are considered level two, and therefore it takes an extra 1000 experience to level up, but there is no difference regarding gameplay for those races.

I realize now that I forgot to put down unearthed arcana. I will do that, so that everybody knows they have access to LA buyoff

How would you do Alchemy? I'm totally really gonna want to do that. :P
Breton is half-elf? Will choose some spellcaster class with Brew Potion. More to come...


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