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June progress reports

June progress reports

Progress report thread are go.

I'm currently at 1024 words.


Hay, did you ever get those stamps?

I got 'em, thanks a lot. (Note was a bit hard to read, but I managed.)

I've ran all out of stamps by now, though.

hmmm ab bit light in the pocket myself. We can take up a pool for more perhaps?

1603 words and counting.

2294 and counting, got a title too.

Go, Ina! I have an idea, but I'm working on fleshing it out before I start writing. So, 0 words so far.

Research is at 2523 and counting!

Haha, has anyone else but Ina started yet? I'm still mulling over my book's characters and can't seem to think of something else. Maybe I'll have to do the piece with them.

Still working on May lol XD


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