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June progress reports

I just Finished May lol and I had to do a second for love as the storry was begging to get out. so that's two for May, the other is about half done

I'm... not making any progress at all. Oops?

Well, it's not entirely true. I have ideas floating around in my head, one of which I really want to go deeper in. I just can't seem to sit down and finally write it. I just keep picking up other projects instead (and boy I have many just waiting for me!). It's like I have Writing Attention Disorder.

I have written 4,264 words.

None of which are about this challenge.

I've written up a log of the first three sessions of my Real Life gaming group. It's been a great warmup, and I hope I continue writing useful things in the next few days. We shall see.

This seems to be going around. Writers ADHD lol

I'm working on my re-write. Well, I should be working on my re-write. I just can't seem to concentrate on it long enough to make any real progress.

still working on may part two lol. but I have my idea for June set and ready.

I have made absolutely no progress at all in the writing so far, unless we include the paragraph or so on a completely different project which isn't moving on much either.

Heyyyyyy......(hey...hey....hey....) ...Agricolus taps on the door of the "thinking" room at the magnificent MWWG headquarters, listening to the faint echoes of his voice. He hears nary a scratch of a pen, nary a pipping of a keyboard key, nay, not even a sigh... "Oh, well", he says to no one but himself and the spider that is busily building his fragile abode on the brass hinge of the 6068 dual paneled double-swung entry way door with brass trim, "...I guess they've gone elsewhere to find inspiration..."

He walks down the corridor to the grassy mall behind the massive stone building, remembering some of his own adventures in the many Junes he's seen, and realizes how precious those fleeting 21 days are between the end of the promise of May and the death-knell that is Summer Solstice, after which the days begin to shorten. He pulls his kilt about him a little tighter, feeling November's wicked frosty breath blowing about his Jockey boxer briefs; he reaches for respite in the folds of his tartan for the flask--respite from what he envisions as a cold day yet to come.

I've been thinking of a different approach for the July challenge. How about if we write about an occurrence or situation you had in your early life that changed you. You can write it as a completely remote perspective if you wish to keep everything less personal, changing your name and those around you, even changing the number of people in your family, their names, etc. Whassay?


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