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June progress reports

Dunno, sounds rather interesting to do. Besides, a kid is a kid and an experience that changes you could change any other, most likely, so you don't have to get too involved.

As for June... I haven't wrote anything. XD I've been taking down notes for a project I intend to start in July, though, so it's not all lost!

I'm writing now. Apparently I'm writing about fear and pharmaceuticals. I think it's a horror story, but I'm not sure how it ends yet, so I really couldn't tell you. It's twisted though, and it's a little disturbing to write, if you want to know the truth. I think I just saw the ending while writing this, and I don't know that I like it. But it's a style piece so I'm going to go with it.

I've written and (nearly) finished my story. I'd still like someone to go over it, if they want to read some pseudo-Star Wars.

Vader, I'd read it, and you have my addy already. I like your stuff!

In other news, I'm at a stellar 342 words.

Awesome! I had a request up in the subforum but I think this is easier. I got one in less than an hour here and no one after a bunch of days there. Maybe we need to do some reorganizing?

Well. Usually i assign people from the subforum, but it's hard when I'm out for 2 weeks and not on the internet at all.

That would do it.

Hey, Puffin - send it to me when you're done, if you want someone to read it - I like disturbing. And Mo - you're right - it's just much harder to tell if the other folders have anything new in them, they're not darkened like the individual posts. I think we can use the progress threads for asking for readers - what say ye all?

I agree. I'm starting to miss things quite easily.

Agri - will do. It's just very odd right now. Probably yet another honorable mention rather than a full 5k words, but we'll see.

1554 so far. About halfway done. What -is- it with this story? It's creeping me out and I don't want to write the end. Kind of like a nightmare you don't want to talk about, because what if it then becomes real?

For the record, I'm managing fear with a small nod to pharmaceuticals.


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