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June progress reports

2564 words. Story is done, commencing editing once a couple of people have had a chance to read it and provide comments.

Just to check in: I got as far as June as my title 'The Line', and a vague concept. So much for writing crap...

Let's see if I can get my act together in July. Seems unlikely but we shall see...

This may be easy. Just dial in the cerebral conduits that saved that one certain moment in your life that made a difference, good or bad. You alone know how it affected you and those around you. or, "would have affected" them.

Well. I finished my story. Then turned it over to my boyfriend to read, who said - wow. This would make a fantastic graphic novel! Whereupon I went...ugh. Sogross! And my roommate, who actually has a lovely talent for drawing, said: "oooooooooh." So now we're storyboarding it out and I'm not sure if I should send it as a short story, or just send it for publishing as a graphic novel, once we get it finished!


But it's done, and I am happy that it's complete. On to July!


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