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The arms and equipment guide has some guidelines, but there's also a bit of information in goods and services. A trained hireling (teamster for example) requires 3 silver pieces per day. So you could probably get a guard to guard your warehouse for 3sp per day. A trained mercenary would probably require significantly more than that, as well as a hiring bonus, as well as a surcharge for battles. Also, he wouldn't want to be used as fodder, front line troops, or fight anything with an equal or higher CR to him. I'd say a 5g-10g signing bonus for a level 2 warrior (npc class) mercenary with decent armour and weapon, 1g per day, and at least 10g per battle. For cavalry, x2-x5 those costs, for a good archer at least x2, for heavy infantry or infantry specialized in a role (fighter classed, or warrior level 3+, monster hunters or a team of tunnel clearers/kobold killers) x2-x5, etc. For something like ogres or maybe a young dragon, you're looking at hundreds of gold, and a good chance of getting killed by them if they want the treasure you just looted.

Question I need an answer to ASAP. Vow of Poverty, can that be applied to an animal, rather than a humanoid? I was reading up on it and couldn't find anything about that in particular, and one of my players wants to apply that to a wolf which is his companion (druid)

I would say no, because animals are not sentient beings and they usually never benefit from the magic items and other stuff the Vow prohibits, except when their owners make them wear something.

It's not like they care for wealth anyway.

that's what I was thinking, but if my player wants to go ahead and give it to the dog, have the dog take it, I'll just make it, so only the dog gets the benefits and if the animal companion dies, the new one doesn't have the feat. I think that would get him to shy away from it

IMO, if the druid is using a wolf as opposed to, say, a fleshraker, VoP is not really overpowered. At least not more overpowered than the druid class already is.

That said, even a few simple magic items can make a animal companion pretty insane, so they're giving that up. Also, you don't have to let your players choose their animal companion feats... the DM is actually the one who picks those. Same way you don't have to let your players set up their cohorts as buffbots or whatever.. they only get to specify the class. I let them pick stuff if I let leadership in the game, but i'm lenient like that because my games are ****ing hard.

Also, a wolf as written can't pick up VoP, as it requires Exalted, and a wolf is always neutral.

Originally Posted by Rejakor View Post
Also, a wolf as written can't pick up VoP, as it requires Exalted, and a wolf is always neutral.
This, first and foremost; wolves are not pious, merciful, sunshine-and-flowers animals, and are ineligible to take Sacred Vow and Vow of Poverty. The fact that they're not sentient also prohibits them from swearing vows, because they lack the capability to even understand what a vow is. In fact, no animal that is a valid animal companion can qualify for Sacred Vow, unless you get all shady with a Headband of Intellect (which is debatable as to whether it would qualify) or a Tome of Intelligence.

If he wants to get all nasty with VoP, he can take it himself. A shapechanged VoP druid is one of the meanest nicest things on the block. The Book of Exalted Cheese has a lot of really awesome options for druids, truth be told. It's enough to make the party's Fighter commit suicide just so he can reroll as a lower-level druid!

Druids don't need BoED to make Fighters feel like that.

Hell, bards don't need anything to make fighters feel like that.

IMO, if the druid is using a wolf as opposed to, say, a fleshraker, VoP is not really overpowered. At least not more overpowered than the druid class already is.
Hmm... what is a fleshraker? Never heard of that. O_o

How come is the DM that chooses the animal companion's feats? That's new for me. I never changed the animal's normal feats, but if by chance did the animal get enough HD to gain a feat, I would just choose it myself (as a player). Just curious about that.

Look up the dinosaurs in Monster Manual III. Fleshrakers are basically poisonous deinonychus (in the SRD) which can charge, full attack, inflict poison with each hit, trip and grapple without risking any AoOs in a single turn...and are individually rated as CR2. Also, they can become animal companions to 4th-level druids. They are the dinosaur equivalent to That Damned Crab.

In the meantime, I'd like to ask if anyone else, besides me, realised after the fact that players don't get by RAW to design their own cohorts? Wish I'd known that before I agreed to a Talenta halfling druid w/ fleshraker and bard cohort. Yes I had prepared for a high-power game, but the height to which it was taken was still a complete shock.

wow.... that's something... It isn't real and it scares me already... O_O

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