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I prefer to just up the power of the opponents.. it's really easy to design interesting hard encounters even if the party can oneshot a tarrasque in melee at level 10. Just make use of ranged attacks, BFC, lots of foes, time pressures, traps, environmental factors.. combine at least one of all of those things (and at least 10 foes (not bunched up/all in the same place!)) and you'll have an encounter that will stymie even the most powerful wizard (barring timestop.. timestop actually changes the whole ballfield by blowing the action economy out of the water.. it's still trivially easily handled but it means you need to kick things up a notch with enemy Timestop stowaways, readied actions, and immediate action counterspelling (for example, the Reverse Gravity spell that throws you through the dozen Prismatic Walls the wizard put up in the timestop).

don't just increase damage and raw stats on a single monster though... really hard to design single monsters to challenge a decent highish power party.. the difference between 'hard' and 'tpk' is miniscule on a single monster enco****er.. rely on multiple threats so you don't care if one threat gets oneshot by a wizard spell, each other threat is still threatening/hurting the party... way too hard to make something that can't get oneshot that can still be killed.

Interesting and completely logic. Thank you for the advice!

~D&D 3.5~

Isn't there a feat or ACF somewhere that allows you to use your Str score for intimidate checks, rather than Cha?

There is Might Makes Right - feat that lets you use str instead of cha for leadership.

Here you go.

tl;dr - Common houserule. AEG Feats has a feat that lets you add str to cha for it. Pathfinder has one too. And there's some obscure line in the DMG about substituting any ability score for any skill if it becomes relevant (Con for distance swimming instead of Str).

Anyone aware of a class that is decent at breeding/creating monsters in D&D3.5 that isn't a tier 1 class?

Any character with ranks in Handle Animal and a long lifespan would qualify, at least for the breeding. Depending on what you are trying to breed, a few specialist Knowledge checks may be required, but not for most things. A single-classed Fighter or Monk would suffice. They just need a lot of time in which to do it.

How do you GM's prefer to handle your combat? I'll be in 4th Ed.

I would prefer to use a third party VT, which I already run a live game with.


Thank you in advance.


Originally Posted by Sajes View Post
How do you GM's prefer to handle your combat? I'll be in 4th Ed.

I would prefer to use a third party VT, which I already run a live game with.


Thank you in advance.

as efficiently as possible.

I typically run 2E. I roll initiative for all -- PCs, NPCs and monsters; then list the order. It will usually be individual initiative although there may be times that call for group initiative.

Players post, then I resolve all actions by initiative order. It doesn't matter when they post, because the init order determines sequence of events. One round usually equals 24 hours; sometimes more if someone is on a tight schedule.

If I were running 3.x, I would be the one who moves miniatures around on the virtual battlemap. That way, I don't have to rely on someone holding up the action.

I make it clear up front that if someone takes too long, I reserve the right to skip their turn or act in their stead in a way that would make the most sense. I don't like doing that, but if I have to, I will.

Other DMs have different rules but this is the system that works best for me.

I don't know 4E at all; that being said, you may have ideas on how to handle combat so that everything moves along at the pace you set. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration.

Thank you very much for the reply! You mention a 'virtual battlemap'. Did I miss that? I will go search for it.


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