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Crunchy: Lots of numbers and dice-rolling determine the outcome of events.
Cinematic: Abilities and skills are painted with broad brushes, and there is less randomness involved--e.g., the swordmaster isn't going to die because some random mooks rolled lucky 20's, he will probaby steamroll them like you'd expect.

Crunchy means a game focusing more heavily on mechanics than on Rule of Cool, which is the cinematic. If you're restricting players to a caster class, that's crunchy - but if you're giving them a whole bunch of other things to play around with, that's cinematic. Here you have to decide which is more important to you in the long run: the basal restriction of your players, or the variety of options you're giving them to make up for it.

I can't advise on the system to run however. Personally I'd just stick with D&D or M&M. I'm sure plenty of munchkins would point out that neither is especially balanced on the crunchy mechanical front - and only a small fraction of them would ever be seriously listened to as regards cinematic approaches - but it's all about the sort of game you like to play and are hoping to provide for your players here. When you can specify what that is, then a system can be offered up.

I wish I hadn't. D&D4e might work if you give everyone a companion to represent their familiar and limit things to arcane classes. M&M would probably work better, though. I know jack about it, but I assume a superhero system would have rules for sidekicks.

Is there any way to adjust a person's viewer status in a game without removing and then re-adding them completely? Say from reader to player, or GM to player?

Unfortunately, no.

I might have missed it, but I had a question. I'm new to DMing online and would like to begin setting up for a Skull & Shackles campaign on here. What I wanted to know is if this site has a build in dice roller. If not, can someone give me some direction how I could possibly find one that would post in here? Not a computer nub, but I'm not too tech savvy and I wanted to make sure I could do what I needed to before going through the legwork of setting up the adventure.

Thanks in advance,

Killik, yes the site has a built in dice roller.
Everything you need to know is basically on this page.

Just go down the links there and it will cover most of what you'd like to know.
How to get a game started.
How to use the bulletin board codes, etc.

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