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Originally Posted by Witchslasher View Post
line of sight does not equal line of effect.. Even if you can see through a wall, doesn't mean you can shoot through it..
Now imagine the fun of combining dimension door to a spell such as fireball so that it can jump *past* the wall to the target. From the point of view of the target, a fireball just appeared out of nowhere. After recovering from the initial attack, they look around. Nothing in sight. Meanwhile, the sneaky caster who can see them through the wall is preparing the next attack...

Burrowing Power from the XPH and the SRD is generally the go-to feat for doing that.

Or Transdimensional Spell while being Ethereal.

D&D 3.5

My player (I'm usually a player but I'm DMing a solo adventure since our DM can't make it for now and I enjoy the social aspect of the table as much as gaming, plus this is a good chance for me to practice my DM skills) has done a barbarian/rogue. I know that if you already have Dodge when you get to the Dodge feat you take Uncanny Dodge. How would you rule it when they get to the Uncanny Dodge class feature and already have it? Would you let them take another martial related feat?

That's uh.. not actually...

Some classes let you take another bonus feat if you already have the one the class is giving you? Like Marshal, and Skill Focus (Diplomacy)?


You appear to be confusing that rule, and the rule (all in the texts of the specific entries) where if you already have Evasion and a class gives you Evasion you get Improved Evasion instead, with the Dodge feat and the Uncanny Dodge class ability?

Unless it specifically says so in the entry, you don't get anything special for getting something twice.

That said, there's nothing wrong with giving someone something extra if they get the same feature twice from two classes. A feat sounds fine.

EDIT: And to confirm, if you take or get the Dodge feat twice, it doesn't turn into Uncanny Dodge. They are two very separate things.

I may be confusing a few things but that's part of posting at about half past midnight during a sugar crash . Thanks for the advice.

In the case of a rogue, Dodge isn't a rogue class ability, and would not be replaced with anything. However, uncanny dodge is a class ability for both rogues and barbarians. So, if your leveling as a rogue and already have this class feature from another class such as barbarian, it is automatically bumped to improved uncanny dodge.

Once you achieve improved uncanny dodge, there's no bumping again,

I wanna make the villain at the end of a long campaign to be basically a NPC with player classes that grows in level alongside the players. (basically, one level higher then the APL).

Is this essentially possible?

Second, how can a Chromatic Dragon assume Human shape without the Change Shape race ability? I assume Polymorph, but it says it only works 1/min per level. How would that possibly help? For example, at level 17, 17 minutes may be long in battle, but that's like nothing in RP time so it'd be hard to keep that shape up for long without the PC's seeing.

(For the record all these questions are under Pathfinder rules)

Answer to the 2nd question:
Extend spell + Persistent Spell (they're from C.Arc., but there's nothing against using them in PF). Allows you to have a spell of duration: 24h. Or he could have Silent Still Polymorph prepared and just cast it when the previous is coming to an end, though that would be expensive in terms of spell slots.

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