An Hour a Night, as the Vampire Bites

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An Hour a Night, as the Vampire Bites

An Hour a Night, As the Vampire Bites - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Hi everybody, got a few friends from around the globe messing around with a creative writing project here, and if you want to join in, or just read what we've got, then come and hang out with us.

Visit the forum of this game to join in on the story!

Game Description:

A bunch of folks who may or may not be drinking, have gotten together to do some writing, goof off, or otherwise waste time on inane stuff, rather than doing anything constructive.

This game is mostly free-form creative writing, set in the dimming light of the Old World of Darkness, right after the events unfolded in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines video game, in which the Kindred political landscape in Los Angeles has suffered an upheaval after the destruction of Prince LaCroix.

It's every Kindred for himself in these nights, as The Camarilla struggles to close ranks amidst the encroaching threat of the Sabbat, and the Anarchs see their opportunity to once again seize control of LA for the "movement". Also of concern are the Kuei-Jin who have steadily made advances into California, and now seem intent upon meddling further with the Cainites who dwell in the shadows of the bright lights of Hollywood and beyond.

So grab a beer, crack your knuckles, and join in on the adventures of a coterie of newly-embraced Kindred as they make their way through the nights of danger and bloodlust ahead!

There is no need to apply to this project, simply jump right into the story! All that we ask is that you respect the rough ground rules laid out in the guidelines sticky. The details of your character(s) are up to you to decide... as this is creative writing, you are the GM and the player. We aren't using dice, we don't have character sheets, it's all about telling a good story that meshes well with all the others.


um... so do we make a character? wtf mate? I wasn't really into OWod vampire (I like the nos but the whole 'you can't even be seen in public' thing is annoying.) I might also like to play a venture they are a lot of fun (I got an old watchmaker from the Italian Renaissance who's blue blood is artisans)

Originally Posted by Tortirioan View Post
um... so do we make a character?
Probably not a good idea. I have no idea how you managed to see this in order to threadomance it. For now I'll just blame Rigo and ask him when he wakes up

Having run for nearly six months, our story may have slowed down, but is far from dead.

If you're expecting an actual game with character sheets and dice rolling, this is *not* the game for you. However, if you enjoy creative writing, and have some free time to lounge around and write about vampires, then you'd probably enjoy what we have going on. We don't demand you to know everything ever written about Vampire the Masquerade, or the World of Darkness, but a little bit of knowledge on the subjects never hurt.

Regardless, pop in if you're curious. The threads are pretty self-explanatory, and any question you have could be alreayd answered in our Guidelines Thread. If it's not, someone is always more than willing to answer a question in either our Social Thread, or our Story Discussion Thread.

Reading up one everything we've written thus far is not required, but recommended. It's quite a read, but a lot of effort has been put into it, and if I'm free to say so, I would like to think we've done a good job in piecing something very entertaining together, so it really is worth the long read.

Not interested in joining? That's fine, but that doesn't mean you can't read and be active. Leave comment in the Story Thread, the Social Thread or even the (failing) Guest Thread, and enjoy the story we've spent six months working on.

EDIT: For your benefit, here's a direct link to our Guidelines Thread, where we have what is expected and how we go about progressing in the story listed out in a nice little list. Enjoy!

EDIT EDIT: Additional thought: If, for whatever reason, you don't want to ask a question in any of our threads, feel free to PM me, and I'll get back to you when I can.

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