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Hi, I'm obviously new here, and uh hi. I'm quite new to DnD, 'twas but a fad when I was younger but alas- Nah... But no it died out pretty quickly as people became aware of its... I dunno, its role in The Simpsons and stuff? Meh, anyway, haven't played a game in ages, and the ones I played before were full of "I'm like the biggest baddest guy evar!!!1!!111!" so they weren't great...

Anyway, pretty new, nicked most of the booklets off a mate (it's ironic that I only know one person in real life who's ever played a serious game, but the Wizards UK base thingy is apparantly a 10 minutes drive away)...

Anyway: Hi

Hi, I'm new here too! I'm also trying to look for a game where people aren't trying to smash everything that moves.

But anyway, nice to meet you!

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