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Hello everyone I am Christopher Darque better known as Alexander Tau, Stealth NightShade or these days TheDarqueOne.

I discovered Role Playing games when I was quite young. In fact the first time I played D&D was with the Blue Book. Always loved games but the intensity of playing a Character struck me as a more powerful way to spend some free time.

Ran tabletop RPG groups for many years, AD&D, Champions, and a host of others. Then I went online (pre-Internet) and formed RPG groups on the BBSs. When the Internet came along I moved to MUDs. After a very short time on the MUD I started running them for others. More than once I was responsible for a Staff of 10-20 and a good 100 daily Players. Ran my own places eventually of course. But the heyday of Muds in long past and I have not been involved with them for a few years now.

One thing that I would like to point out is that unlike many people when I say I am going to run a Game that is what is going to happen. I have always had a full life but that is no excuse for not living up to your committments.

Right now I am running a game on a place called Tangled Web. It is a massive PbP Game running under my own Rules. Think of it as a mix between Cooperative Fiction and basic RPGs. New Chicago has only been running for about 4 months now but there are over 1,000 Turns posted. The setting is 2005 but the story is based around MetaHumans, SuperHeros for those unaware of that term.

To create New Chicago I took the whole history of Comics, Marvel, DC, the others, and threw out 90% of it. Everything starts with Captain America back during WWII and spread out from there. The Heros are not known to the general public and they use Magic to keep hidden. I am not currently looking for new Players but anyone who is curious is welcome to take a look at the Game and the BackStory.

[Opps. I was going to post links to New Chicago and the Story but that is not allowed]

So why am I here you might ask?

I am here because I am starting to think about my next project. Because I have been creating games for so long I am always looking to do something new or at least out of the box a bit. Tangled Web is filled with great people but their main focus is playing AD&D via the various virtual tabletop programs. So naturally I come up with a FreeForm PbP sort of game.

What I see here on Myth Weavers is a whole lot of possibilities. I think I might be able to gather a Staff and recruit a big group of players for whatever I want to do. And I should add that so far I LOVE the way Myth Weavers is set-up. The top page that each game gets with the list of Staff and Players and the other details is excellent. Looking at the Games themselves there is no doubt that you are focused on what matters, the words people post.

So you can expect to see me around for a while. I am going to read a lot and get to know the people here before I do anything at all.


Welcome to the Weave

That is an intro post of epic proportions and very impressive too. Let me comment on your link, I'm tempted to allow it, you aren't recruiting just linking for the purposes of reference. You will however need enough posts to overcome the spam filer which means you'll need to get involved in some conversation somewhere (not here or mini-games, they don't count).

I think I disagree about MUDs some are very well supported, they just don't have the numbers of members like MMOs do but not really the issue. Let's get on to MW.

From what you describe what you need to do is get a hang of how this site works and how to get the most out of it. The best way to do that is be in a game with an experienced (MW experience that is) GM. Failing that you can always try the GM Workshop, pm Dr Morganes for details.

Your game setting and rules, from what you describe, should almost certainly be in the wiki, it's there, make good use of it.

I wish you good gaming.

There was a time when the MU* were The Online games. The best creative minds worked on them and players were abundant. Then I watched as Everquest and UO got started. The best started to leave. Because the MU* Community had gotten so large they will never really go away. It is just that today 90% of the good people go somewhere else. Except for the Professional MU* (which were unthinkable in the early days, pay to Mud, please!) the overal level of skill and creativity are a shadow of what they used to be.

I understand about the need to protect against Spammers and I have have no complaints. Getting my post count up has never been one of my problems.

No real worries about picking up how MW works but I have considered playing in a Game here. I really hardly ever play anymore I love creating and running games a lot more than I do playing them. But who knows? You have a lot of variety here and maybe something will catch my eye.



Enjoying myself so far. Put a little story up in the Creative Corner. People can say whatever they wish but it always helps to see some of the details. That story was the start to a PbP Game so people can see if I have learned anything about creating games after the years of practice.


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