Beneath These Waves You'll Sleep (3.5, Custom Classes)

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Beneath These Waves You'll Sleep (3.5, Custom Classes)

Beneath These Waves You'll Sleep - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Behold, young scions of the Emperor's blood. This is your kingdom. Water as far as the eye can see; our world is covered in it, a clear, sea-green blue, with only a few specks of brown upon the surface of the ocean fair. Island kingdoms, pretending to be powers, acting as if they rule the sea with their pitiful navies, never catching on to where the real power lay - beneath the waves.

Yes, young heirs; another world awaits at the ocean floor, teeming with life. I have seen it; only those invited may enter the domain of the true rulers of this world. This world above the waves is but a pale imitation of what awaits down below. And now, you will be entering that world - but only the surface. Your Lord Father has commanded you to go out upon the sea, to see the wonders this world has to behold - what few there are. Just remember what your old wean-mother said about what lays beneath the sea - and if ever you are invited to that strange, wondrous place, take her advice and stay there.

Well, that was a very weird opening, even for me. Here comes a bit more flavor. Perhaps you'll find it more palatable.

Flavor - It's what's for dinner
This world - Pteras, as it's called - is a world of oceans, ships, island kingdoms and strange mysteries beneath the depths. The only landmasses are good-sized islands, capable of hosting a comfortable living of anywhere between 100 and 15,000 people. Great importance is placed upon a kingdom's navy, rather than its army; the navies keep the peace, patrol the waters.

The players will begin in the Capital Island of the Grand Empire of the Dragon - sons and daughters of His Lord Emperor, Nicolai Rasputin XI, who has had a steady stream of wives, all of whom have died in childbirth. They have been raised by their wean-mother/nursemaid, a woman that was old even as far back as the eldest can remember; a woman that, apparently, has no name other than 'Nana'.

Regardless, none of them are heirs to the throne - yet. Emperor Nicolai has yet to make a decision as to who to name as his heir, and at fifty years old, is in the prime of his life and will - likely - not need to name such an heir for a very long time. As the five eldest of the children have come of age, however, they have been drafted into the Dragon Navy for their period of mandatory service - a period of no less than five years, a fate no citizen of the Empire can escape. If only they knew of the adventures and horrors that lay ahead...

This will be a game starting at 1st level, but with one caveat - you, the players, get to create your own class, using the Shadowcraft Studios Class Construction Engine. Links to the PDF instructions can be found in the forum, as can character creation information.

Please feel free to ask general questions here (Races, Feats, etc); for questions pertaining to the Construction Engine, please post in the thread devoted to it. When you have an acceptable class built from the Construction Engine rules, I will create a private thread where we can discuss how you want to implement the class.

This will be a mostly player-driven campaign, with an overarching plot that may lead to level 20. I will pull no punches - I will kill the party if they show bad judgment, or if the dice demand it.

With all of that said, let the chaos of this endeavor begin - I can already feel the twinges of a headache coming on at the thought of the sheer amount of work. And I'm looking forward to it.

Major Edit: Since it was brought up at roughly the same time I was about to post something regarding it -

On Race:
You can be any race you want. With Emperor Nikolai Rasputin's multitude of wives, he likely has a child born from mating with a woman of said race. It's a bit of hand-waving, suspension-of-disbelief, since genetics doesn't quite work that way, but if you want to be something besides a half-breed, assume that your mother's genes were dominant and her racial traits manifested in your character. Presto - any race you want.

Of course, this precludes races that reproduce (or don't) in strange fashions. As such, there will be no Warforged or Elan.

Applications Open Until Monday, June 22nd
Please post interest in this thread, and a private thread will be created for you in the game forum, so as to keep everything/everybody organized. After applications are closed, we'll take another week or so finalizing concept/build, and then the game will begin.

I cast irresistable phantasmal killer as a 4th level spell. No save, just die.

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Any man from Tennessee is a good man in my book. Here is my hat, sir. You may consider it "thrown in."

This is just a preliminary idea, but I think I'd like to make something like a "Sea Witch," which would be a combination of sorcerer and druid--a class that focuses on manipulation of the sea and wind which, in the navy, would be quite the desirable skill.

I'm thinking of going with a replication of the 1st edition ranger.

What I've got so far, needs prettification:

d8 hit die
Light armour with arcane casting
4+int skills
11-15 skill points
Good BAB
Durable saves
Minor Code (Cannot knowingly permit evil characters to cause harm to society)
Multiclass restriction
Spellcasting abiliity
Delay to 4th level
25 divine spells
15 arcane spells
Five feats

It turned out to be very, very difficult to get all the things I wanted in there. In there they are
So, when should we start writing up histories and such? After the class has been talked through?

Start working on your character. After all, the character class is supposed to represent the _character_ in this game, rather than the other way around. I'd really prefer if you worked on the character concept first, class second - that way, if something changes, we haven't put a great deal of work into a class it turns out you don't want to be.

@Kay - I edited in some corrections - please make them and recalculate your totals.

Originally Posted by akela122301 View Post
Sounds like lyrics to a song. Demons and Wizards, maybe?
Indeed, it is Demons & Wizards. <3 their music.

I think I might actually apply for this one too once I get my custom class put together. It's a great opportunity to play something that isn't in the books after all.

That was just too easy, I think. Next time I make a game I'm going to call it Die Hard the Hunter or In the Pit. Alternate name for this game: Call the Ships to Port.

RelentlessImp; if you have not read Roger Zelazny's "Nine Princes in Amber" then you should. For that matter, your game startup is almost a perfect 'Throne War' from the ADRPG book.

I'd like to throw in a consideration for a full on Errol Flynn type, swinging from the ropes, gambling, swearing pirate adventurer type gal. Will see if the toddlers give me time to actually look at the link for this class creation thing.

Roughtrade: I am a fan of Zelazny's Amber. Corwin (and Merl) is love.

And funny you should mention Errol Flynn, given I just read the Stormwind Fallacy for the first time today and he was a point of contention for a dozen posts...


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