In Warlike Array


"It doesn't matter tonight, but if we're setting the watch order for the expedition, I need last watch for preparing spells. Speaking of, is anyone else an arcanist?"

"So would it make sense for Astaban and Karn to take the first watch, Sofia and I the second, and Blake and Wyngrad the third?" Layna offers. "Maybe we can stop a bit earlier tomorrow night and look in earnest at those maps before it gets so late."

As she removes the saddlebags from her horse she addresses Blake's question, "I'm familiar with the arcane, but hardly a student of it, if that is what you are asking."


Blake nods. He'll find out soon enough whether Wyngrad snores.

"Can you cast? I'd like to coordinate my spells with whatever you can do."

Layna nods as she rubs down her horse. "I've picked up a few things along the way," she answers sincerely. "Mostly just things that used to help me when I was on patrol, nothing very special, really," Layna says. From her intonation, it is clear she is describing how she views her abilities and not being deliberately evasive.


"Well, at least I know you're not a bard; I've never known one of them to be humble about her powers. Here. Take these," he says, offering two scrolls, "I can't tell if it's a hole in my education or if they gave me the divine version by mistake. Maybe you can make sense of them."

They are scrolls of Resist Energy. I wrote up Blake a long time ago, and while I was picking out equipement, I forgot that as a specialist I had barred abjuration. Oops.

Sofia nods. "Certainly. Second watch it is." the priestess answers with a smile.

"First watch with Asteban", Karn says, "Sure."

Shaking his head, he says to Blake, "Don't let her tell you otherwise. She does well enough in the spell department. You'll be glad to have her around. Know I am. Also glad to see you're thinking of working together. We've run into problems when we don't."

"As I've learned." Karn says seriously holding up a finger, "This can be weak"

He makes a fist, "But this is strong."

Then, laughing, he sticks out his finger and jabs it forward, "Of course, with my training, the finger can be deadly too"

"Now, is it time to eat?"

Layna unrolls the scrolls and looks them over, "Ummm... thanks," she says, uncertainty in her voice. "Never actually saw a spell written down before," she says quietly as she walks over to the center of camp.

She laugh's at Karn's comment and says to Blake, "My spells suit me, but I can't keep all that many spells straight in my head, so I tend to stick to ones that augment my abilities in combat."

You take a quick, cold meal, which sates Karn's hunger but does little to satisfy his palate, before bedding down for the night under the bright stars. The night watches pass uneventfully, and the sun rises early into a cloudy sky the next morning. A bite of breakfast and then a long ride awaits if you are to reach Sen's Mill by sundown. The animals, picketed near the tents, seem excited at the prospect of riding through the countryside.

As usual, Karn wakes up and immediately spends time going through his kata in smooth movements, giving an occasional practiced grunt as he throws a punch.


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