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'M'lady?' Sofia thought. Wyngrad had never sounded so formal before. But then again, she had not had many occasions to hear what he really sounded like.

The priestess turned to him with a mix of compassion and astonishment.
"Yes... Your father is sick. And I understand time is important to you, as well as the gold to pay for the potions. If we return safely - The Everpresent willing! - I shall do whatever I can to help you, Wyngrad..."

She paused, torn between her desire to remain factual and the emotions overwhelming her.
"Understand though, that I need to go to my brothers and sisters in Stony Ford. It is important to me, and would only take a few hours."

"I do hope we can reach some sort of arrangement - after all, we have solved more difficult issues together in the past." she concluded in a low voice.

Karn sits back, listening to the discussion, but not joining in.

"Sofia," Layna begins sincerely, "I can understand a personal eagerness to visit with friends and kindred spirits in Stony Ford, however you admit that there is risk associated with that desire, so much of one that you even volunteered to undertake it alone." Layna's tone becomes more emotionless and matter of fact as she continues to speak, "that risk stands to jeopardize our entire assignment; each and everyone of us, and you hardly the least, needs to be present and in top form in order for this mission to succeed."

Her tone softens for a moment as she says, "I have no personal objection to your wish to stop in Stony Ford - I'm sure we all have things we would rather be doing than hunting a dragon." Again, Layna's tone becomes more blunt, "but since our assignment is to address the issue of the dragon in the mine and return promptly, a stop in Stony Ford before dealing with the dragon would be most ill advised. I suggest we evaluate a visit to Stony Ford after dealing with the dragon."

The priestess turned her misty eyes toward Layna.

"On our way to the mine, our group visited Stony Ford. Nothing happened. Riding in and out of the city was extremely easy, and so was reaching the Temple. A few hours is all that is required - we could set camp a little earlier on one night, and I would head to the town and be back as the rest of the group finishes its dinner." she said softly, her tone more detached.

"Until I speak with my brethren, I cannot focus on the mission at hand..." she added with a sigh. "I would not be asking this from the party if it were not important to me, and necessary to keeping me... in top form."

Layna lets out a long sigh, before rubbing her face with her hands, then stares at the ground for some time.

Sofia glances at Layna, then begins to explain the facts behind
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her position.

"As I have said before, I do hope we can reach some sort of arrangement." she concludes.


Hearing the discussion grow more forceful, Blake tunes in. "Hey. If the mission was so urgent that a few hours were critical, we wouldn't have been granted three days to prepare. Ergo, it's not a big deal. I'm more concerned about splitting up. I think we should all go, but if that's not acceptable, at least take one more person."

"Thank you Blake." Sofia answered with a smile.
" Why don't you come with me then."

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The priestess again turns to Layna.
"I hear you - the group that attacked us on our way back was not an ordinary group of brigands. You are right, but that is not the point..." Sofia says.

" The point is that the brigands attacked us on our way to the mine, and within a one-day ride radius of Stony Ford. What I have been trying to show the group is that, no matter what - whether you "avoid" the city or not - you will stay well within the one-day ride radius, sometimes a mere two hours ride or less away... which is well within range of brigand attacks."

Karn finally gets tired of all the talking and says, "I say let her go."

"Look, we can get attacked anywhere. Worrying about it won't make any difference. I mean, if she wanted to take us days out of our way, then I'd say forget it. But she's just talking about a few hours. If Blake goes with her then that'll help some but she ought to have some kind of armed protection. Just in case. Someone who looks a bit tougher, if you know what I mean. Just to keep folks from bothering her."

He looks over at Sofia, "Now you better be sure it'll only take a short time and it better make it so you'll be a better part of the team and not be something to make you feel good."

He grabs his jug, "That's all I got to say on this, but let's make up our minds one way or the other."

He takes a number of large swallows.

Astaban listens to the conversation for a while, thinks on it for a moment, and then proceeds to say, "I would propose that we continue on towards the mine, and stop at Stony Ford on our return trip. I understand the need to get there as quickly as possible," he looks at Layna as he says this, "but I think we can spare a few hours on the return trip for Sofia's task, whatever it may be."

He pauses for a second, then says, "We do, however, need to focus on the matter at hand, and whatever... distractions... we may have need to fade into the background, untilwe have dealt with the dragon."

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